Museum of Photographic Arts



Project Overview

As museums compete for the leisure time of individuals in the 21st Century, the need to attract a more diverse and particularly younger audience has become apparent. To address this issue, the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) applied for and was awarded a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) in 2013 to identify and implement meaningful and effective approaches to engage the public in museum education. As part of this initiative, MOPA created an application using IntuiFace technology to enhance visitors’ experiences by providing a user- friendly medium to easily access key information for the exhibits and appropriately navigate through the galleries. In February 2016, MOPA partnered with the Mobile Technology Learning Center (MTLC) at the University of San Diego to evaluate the IntuiFace application.

The purpose of this evaluation was to test the impact of the new MOPA IntuiFace application on visitors’ experiences within an exhibit in the museum. The primary aim was twofold; to determine if the application: (1) improved visitors’ ability to navigate through the museum, and (2) improved their ability to access information. The impact of the application on visitors overall experience and satisfaction was also recorded.

Key Activites

  • Used pilot tests of the Intuiface application with MOPA visitors to observe the visitors’ experiences and document how the technology was used to navigate through the galleries.
  • Conducted focus groups with pilot testing participants to understand the participants’ experience at MOPA, the utility of the Intuiface application, and their satisfaction with their visit.


  • Findings from this study offered MOPA personnel valuable information about the utility of the Intuiface technology and the visitors’ museum experience.
  • Recommendations to strengthen the utility of the application were provided in order for MOPA to attract a more diverse and younger audience.

Project Lead

Kai Mathews

Kai Mathews, PhD