Family and Community Engagement

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Project Overview

Knowing that building trust between teachers and parents improves student learning, a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation was awarded to a local school district to build a Family and Community Engagement (FACE) office aimed to improve students’ achievement. The purpose of the district’s new FACE project is to strengthen the capacity of both teachers and parents to work together and provide meaningful opportunities to build trust.

The JI has partnered with this school district to evaluate the FACE program by studying the effects the project has on family engagement and student achievement. Over a two-and-a-half year period, the evaluation will examine the effects of the FACE project on trust between parents and teachers, parent self-efficacy, parent engagement, and student achievement.


Key Activities

  • JI researchers support the district’s efforts to design and build engaging training programs to strengthen the trust between teacher and parents to better support their students/children.

  • Findings from survey data and standardized test data will evaluate the effects of the FACE project, guiding district personnel to enhance the program’s impact within the district.

  • JI researchers engage key district stakeholders on each stage of the project to improve the training programs and maximize the program’s success.


  • Findings from this research study will help school sites build their own family engagement prototype.

  • Collaboration with JI researchers will help the FACE office better measure and understand the progress of their initiative.  


Project Team

  • Project Lead: Yaoran Li, PhD

  • Consultant: Ian Martin. PhD