Perris Union High School District Collaboration

Project Overview

During the 2016-2017 school year, the IEE embarked on a partnership with the Perris Union High School District (PUHS) to build a district-wide, long-term vision. Completing a 360 Needs Assessment in August of 2016 to deeply understand the strengths and needs within the District, the results of this assessment allowed IEE Leacership and Profesional Learning Specialists to design a personalized scope of work that is focused on supporting pedagogical shifts in learning and teaching with powerful integration of technology.  The IEE has additionally worked with the district’s executive leadership to design and implement systems to support the desired student outcomes. Our work is driven by the goal of equipping educators with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to create optimal learning experiences for students in PUHSD.
Teachers collaborating around an activity.
Scholar+ Innovation Brought to You by the Perris Union High School District 1:1 District Billboard. "Preparing Today's Minds to Solve Tomorrow's Problems."
Teachers and facilitators working together on laptops.
Teachers participating in an activity.