Learning Space Design

Developing Future Ready Environments for Today's Student

The Learning Space Design Project (LSDP), part of SOLES's Institute for Entrepreneurship in Education (IEE), works with school districts, school program managers and education design architects to develop intentionally designed physical spaces that structurally support these new kinds of personalized and technology-rich blended learning environments.LSDP Gears

At the core of the LSDP theory of action is the understanding that future ready learning spaces -- ones that best serve students, teachers and innovative instructional strategies -- emerge through an iterative process that is driven by practice-oriented research, student-centered program design and evidence-based professional learning.

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Every learner deserves equitable access to an education that inspires & empowers active global citizenship. 

In partnership with districts, the Leadership & Professional Learning team develops systems to empower educators to cultivate learner-centered learning, teaching and leadership. Through development and facilitation of active professional learning, we help facilitate a culture of learning and innovation that pushes thinking and inspires meaningful change that impacts how students learn in schools. Strategic partnerships with K-12 districts not only investigate strengths and barriers to implementation, but also provide teachers and leaders with unique insights, strategies and resources to enhance their practice.