Oceanside Unified School District Professional Development

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Project Overview

In the 2015-2016 school year, The Institute for Entrepreneurship in Education (IEE) in partnership with the Mobile Technology Learning Center (MTLC), partnered with Oceanside Unified School District (OUSD) to develop new skills, mindsets, and systems that support the integration of technology with appropriate pedagogical shifts. Working closely with Program Specialists and lead administrators, MTLC professional learning specialists personalized site-based support to assist in the shared understanding of purposeful and meaningful technology integration. MTLC professional learning specialists supported various sites in developing baseline expectations for active learning, including systems of support and accountability, redefining collaboration within Professional Learning Community cycles, and building capacity the of teacher leaders to model and facilitate pedagogical shifts in their classrooms. MTLC professional learning specialists also co-facilitated administrators’ professional learning sessions with over fifty K-12 school and district leaders to align a common understanding of shared outcomes and practices in relation to technology integration amongst lead OUSD administrative stakeholders.

Key Activities

District Leadership Meetings and Support

  • Co-facilitated administrators’ professional learning sessions with lead OUSD administrative team to align key leadership priorities to district’s instructional focus and current graduate profile.
  • Supported Program Specialists in the analysis of student work to create a shared understanding of purposeful technology integration in learning and developed ideas for how to integrate technology into their practices.

Personalized Site-Based Support

  • Provided individualized principal and teacher coaching to build their capacity to lead the way with pedagogical shifts supported by personalized cycles of professional learning.
  • Supported various Professional Learning Communities to integrate technology into their lesson design.
  • Facilitated Teacher Leadership Meetings focused on purposeful and meaningful technology integration.
  • Facilitated five professional learning sessions with two Oceanside High School Cohorts.


  • Guided OUSD to develop systems to support teachers in thoughtful technology integration with appropriate pedagogical shifts
  • Transformation of teaching and learning with technology
  • Pushed participants’ thinking about supports that needed to be in place to promote active learning and student engagement in service of the “Oceanside Promise.”

Project Team

Project Lead: Kimberly Cawkwell

Support Team: Katie Wright and Dave Trautman