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Learn at Lunch

What is Learn at Lunch?

Register today for a FREE Faculty Learn at Lunch to take an 90 minute in-depth focus on our newer academic technologies.

Tool-talks, faculty discussion with Q&A and hands-on tech time supported by iTeam staff.

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Time: 12:15 pm - 2:15 pm



Location: Serra 155


Thursday, September 18 - Video Creation Tools

Quicktime, Jing, Mediasite, Screencast-o-Matic, Videoscribe, Voicethread

Learn to select the technologies which are most effective for capturing your style of lectures or videos. Create reusable content to save time preparing for class so you can spend more time facilitating peer discussions or group work. Students can watch the recordings ahead of class time to prepare for activities and assessments. 

Thrusday, October 16 - Emerging Technologies to Engage Student Collaboration in Class

Find out what’s new in technology as the trends continues towards creating more content that can be previewed prior to face-to-face so in class time can be used for practicing applying key concepts with feedback. In this session we will share solutions for polling, organizing files in the Cloud and making presentations more interactive.

  1. Respondus
  2. TopHat - Using Student Response Systems to Create Engagement
  3. Cloud File Management (Google Docs and Microsoft One Drive)
  4. Presentations (Slideshare, iPad Apps)

Thursday, November 20th - Apple iPads and Apps for Assignment Creation

    More students own iPads now than ever. Have you thought about using them for assignments? Explore how to engage students through the applications on the iPad which can be used for project work and presentations, collaboration and team communication. Assignments can be created to align with your course objectives.
  1. iPad Video Capture
  2. iBook Author/iTunes U