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Blackboard Maintenance Information

Upcoming Maintenance and/or Downtime: Please take note that the following patches, bug fixes, Building Blocks and/or Service Packs (SP) are tentatively scheduled for installation in the near future. Dates are subject to change. Please refer to this area frequently for updated information on upcoming Blackboard bug fixes and SPs.

USD is running Blackboard Learn, Q4 2015 Release. Follow the iTeam blog and Twitter for continued updates on Blackboard improvements and functionality.

Maintenance History: Below you will find details of recent patches, fixes and updates that have been applied to the Blackboard platform. For more information on current or planned maintenance, visit the ITS Alerts page. 

Patches or Work Done
1/13/17 General system maintenance Blackboard unavailable from 5PM 1/13 to 5PM 1/14
8/26/16 Upgrade to newer version, Q4 2015 release Introduces new features and bug fixes. Y
5/24/16 Update and patch Collaborate B2 Routine maintenance of B2s. Y
5/19/16 Switch Olé from Collaborate Classic to Collaborate Ultra Implements newer, more stable and functional version of Collaborate Y
4/14/16 Modify config files Fixes issue that causes multiple emails to go out Y
3/31/16 Update building blocks SafeAssign and Mobile Learn. All building blocks are up to date. Y
3/10/16 Update building blocks Grade Center, Assignments, Content Editor Y
3/3/16 Installation of Respondus LockDown Browser LockDown Browser locks students out of applications and windows during tests. Pilot period: Spring '16 Y
2/18/16 Update building blocks Wiley Plus and Bb Mobile Learn Y
2/4/16 Run query/code from Blackboard and restart app servers Fixes error due to data inconsistency from legacy SafeAssignments. Y
1/15/16 Update load balancer certificate. Install Zoom Building Block. Replaces expiring Verisign certificate. Y
1/7/15 Upgrade Turnitin Direct 2.5, Collaborate, Partner Cloud and Portal B2s to latest versions Routine updates to latest stable version. Y
12/10/15 Roll back CU3 completely on all servers, run pushconfigupdates, stop services, re-apply CU3 on all servers, run pushconfigupdates Fixes critical error with Course Copy functionality. Y
11/17/15 Install Ares 2.7.1 B2. B2 that integrates E-reserves with Blackboard. Y
11/12/15 Modify the default quota for selected Institution Roles and make Content Collection tab available to all USD Faculty. Preparation to launch Content Collection. Y
11/5/15 Upgrade B2s: Assessments, Assignments, Authentication Provider - LDAP, Blackboard Core, Blogs & Journals, Discussions, Portal, Portfolios, Retention Center, SafeAssign, Wikis Routine maintenance of B2s. Y
11/5/15 Upgrade Blackboard to Cumulative Update 3 Routine bug fixes. Y
10/29/15 Install VoiceThread Installation of new Building Block that will replace Voice Board when it is sunset this summer. Adds functionality to Blackboard (digital stories and presentations, voice discussions). Y
10/29/15 Upgrade Blackboard Collaborate B2 Prepares system for implementation and pilot of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. Y
10/8/15 Run scripts from Blackboard and restart server. Corrects errors with user roles. Y
9/10/15 Upgrade bb Mobile Learn v94.7.4 Resolves issues with Bb Student app. Y
9/3/15 Upgrade Bb Collaborate Voice B2 Emergency maintenance to fix broken Voice Board B2. Y
8/19/15 Upgrade Bb Mobile Learn v94.7.2 Resolves issue of certain devices being unable to access Bb Mobile Learn. Y
7/1/15 Back end: updating VMware tools on app server Routine maintenance of server. Y
6/26-28, 2015 Upgrade Blackboard LMS to newest version, October 2014 Release Yearly system upgrade to introduce new features and bug fixes. Y
5/20/15 Upgrade Turnitin B2 to v2.5. Adds GradeMark and PeerMark peer review functionality into Blackboard; general B2 upgrade. Y
5/6/15 Install Bb Mobile Learn B2 v94.7.0 Resolved Issues
• Bb Grader – Resolves an issue that prevented users from viewing Crocodoc attachments
• Bb Student - Improves stream related API to enable the display of correct descriptions and titles
5/2/15 Run script to fix Course Reports bug. Script will fix bug that causes single student activity in a course not to be shown when the Instructor runs a course report. Y
4/29/15 Run script to fix bug with My Courses module Currently users get errors when enrolled in more than 99 courses; script will fix this so that they can display up to 150 courses at a time. Y
4/15/15 Ran cleanbb script Restored 10% of disk space on server. Y
2/5/15 Upgrade Mobile Learn B2 to 94.6.3 B2 security enhancement/update. Fixes issue where users get error stating that Mobile Learn is unlicensed by institution. Y
11/5/14 Upgrade Mobile Learn B2 to 4.6.2 B2 security enhancement/update. Y
10/29/14 Upgrade Mobile Learn B2 to 4.6.1 Routine maintenance of building blocks. Y
10/22/14 Routine maintenance and backup; Content Editor Building Block fix Revert to original Content Editor Building Block to fix issue with Calculated Formula questions. Y
10/15/14 Update Grading Building Block; update Pearson's MyLab and Mastering Building Block; install patch LRNSI-16960. Routine maintenance of building blocks; to facilitate use of Bb Grader app. Y
10/8/14 Upgrade Mobile Learn Building Block Routine maintenance of building blocks. Y
9/24/14 Upgrade to Service Pack 14; upgrade building blocks. Service Pack 14's New Features. Y
5/28/14 Update Turnitin Building Block Routine maintenance of building blocks. Y
5/14/14 Update Collaborate Building Block Routine maintenance of building blocks; fixes bug that causes some users of Collaborate to experience errors. Y
5/7/14 SafeAssign Building Block upgrade Routine maintenance of building blocks. Y
3/18/14 Install Cumulative Patch 10 and LRNSI-15436 Fixes Chat error and error uploading multiple files to Content Collection. Y
2/27/14 Update Building Blocks (SafeAssign, Pearson's MyLab and Mastering, McGraw-Hill Connect and Create) on system Routine maintenance of building blocks. Y
2/18/14 Install patch Fixes bug that causes IE to crash when using Edit Mode Y
1/8/14 Patch applied to Oracle database Routine maintenance of database. Y
12/31/13 Update Building Blocks (McGraw-Hill, Publisher tools) on system Routine maintenance of building blocks. Y
11/21/13 Update Building Blocks (Mobile Learn, Publisher tools) on system Routine maintenance of building blocks. Y
10/31/13 Bb Mobile Learn and Content Editor Building Block Mobile Learn Building Block update to 4.2. Content Editor Building Block update. Y
9/26/13 Social Profiles and Tools building block, Cloud Profile, Pearson's MyLAB/Mastering, Software Update building block updates Routine maintenance of building blocks and integrated publishers materials.  
9/4/13 Apply patch CP8 to SP12 To fix issue preventing teaching assistants from uploading course content into Bb
8/22/13 Increased BB system memory To fix an issue related to Java-based crashes
8/8/13 Apply non-critical updates to various system building blocks To ensure most recent versions of blocks leading up to Summer Innovation Institute
8/9/13-8/11/13 USD scheduled network maintenance Wired and wireless network connectivity may be experienced by users on campus
8/2/13 Roll back CP6, applied CP5 To fix fatal copy course error occurring in CP6
8/2/13 Storage and Network Infrastructure Upgrades will affect Blackboard availability 8/2 - 8/4/13 See details for work overview, expected downtime, and systems affected.
7/29/13 Cumulative Patch 6 installation Fixed bugs in Croc-o-doc, discussion board, and grade center. Users should click on Test my Browser" on Olé login page and clear browser cache to force load new page.
Installed Cumulative patch 6 for SP12 for TEST system
Installed Cumulative patch 6 for SP12 for TEST system
7/23/13 Reboot all application servers
Reboot all 3 application servers for fixing notify error
7/18/13 Install service pack 12 Upgrade Blackboard to SP12
6/6/13 Clone production to Test Clone production to Test
6/6/13 Upgrade Test to SP12 Upgrade Test to SP12
5/18/13 Install latest Grade Book Extract Building Block on Test system The building block does not work
4/10/13 Point Dev and Test collaboration chat to Production Chat Point Dev and Test collaboration chat to Production Chat
2/18/13 Apply all recommended changes to Blackboard from Health Check Report Apply all recommended changes to Blackboard from Health Check Report
1/31/13 Install latest Grade Book Extract Building block on Test system The building block does not work
1/16/13 Clone Production to Test Clone Production to Test
12/13/12 LRNSI-7087 (case # 01634916)

Access denied errors

12/13/12 LRNSI-6704 (case #

Access denied errors

12/13/12 TRUNCATE TABLE DATA_INTGR_ID_MAP_TMP; (Case # 01641760 ) Case # 01641760, to fix the refresh enrollments for FA12
12/13/12 SELECT count(*) FROM BBLEARN.DATA_INTGR_LOG; count = 332474 (Case # 01641760, to fix the refresh enrollments for FA12)
12/13/12 Increase File Handles from 1024 to 4096 To improve Tomcat handling of open files
10/27/12 Apply LRNSI-7684 Fixes cross-listing course problem

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