Learn at Lunch


What is Learn at Lunch?

Faculty, ATS invites you to register and enjoy a FREE catered lunch with peers while learning a new technology tool, application and concept.

Session includes a demo and instruction, faculty discussion with Q&A, and hands-on tech time supported by the iTeam staff.

Lunch is provided, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Spring '17 invites you to transform your teaching and delivery with technology tools. Instructional technologies that are utilitized effectively can transform not only the student's learning experience, but also your teaching experience by freeing up time typically spent on administration or in-class testing, and replacing it with value-added collaboration and interactions.

Learn@Lunches in Spring'17 demonstrate not only the use of the tool, but also the course transformation and challenges and successes of implementation and delivery. Come join us!

Seats are limited!
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carlton-oneal Prof. Carlton O'Neal School of Business

Carlton O’Neal, clinical professor of marketing, is a 25-year veteran in technology, global entrepreneurship, marketing, sales and business development. He is currently teaching and facilitating courses that he designed and developed for the School of Business Hybrid MBA program. 

Enhanced Online Testing & Academic Integrity: Using Respondus 4.0 and the Lockdown Browser

Thurs., March 23rd, 2017
12:30pm to 2:00pm
Maher 114

Is your online testing raising questions about academic integrity and achievement? Or maybe you have been too afraid to even try tests on student computers?

Professor Carlton O’Neal will demonstrate and discuss how he successfully deployed Respondus Lockdown Browser in his courses to ensure integrity in student test taking while enjoying the full benefits of automated testing and grading. Professor O’Neal is also piloting Respondus Monitor which uses webcam technology to survey the test-taker and surrounding environment for use in remote testing, hybrid, and online courses.

Please join us for a free lunch, a hands-on demo/tutorial of Lock Down Browser in a mock Blackboard course (where you are the student!), and an in-depth discussion of these two highly effective technology tools that can reduce your administrative tasks--so you can focus on teaching--while building confidence in student achievement and improving learning outcomes.

To RSVP, register for the Learn@Lunch on IT Training Calendar.
Scott-Lundergan Scott Lundergan Media Services - Digital Media/Video Production Specialist

Scott has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience working with USD faculty members to integrate video into their coursework.

Building Community: Using Web Conferencing tools in the Classroom

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017
Serra 155  

Building community through online group meetings, virtual office hours, and face-to-face chat rooms is easy with web conferencing tools like Zoom and Collaborate. These tools integrate with Blackboard and can easily bring students, presenters, and professors together anytime--anywhere! Scott Lundegran of Media Services will create the web conferencing experience for participants and facilitate hands-on practice. 

To RSVP, register for the Learn@Lunch on IT Training Calendar.