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Serra 155 is an ideal room for collaboration and full class participation with a variety of software and software to help you hold innovative classes.  Below is a list and brief description of the available technologies installed in Serra 155.

After each description you will find links, documents and contact information to get assistance with any the technology.

To schedule the room, contact Maureen at ext 2765 or by email at

If you would like to arrange for a technician to walk you through the room, contact Instructional Media Services by calling x 4567  (


What is it?

The SMART Sympodium is an interactive display that, when connected to a classroom computer, can be controlled using either touch or the interactive pen attached to the unit. Enhance your slides with digital ink, share and annotate Web pages, take and save notes, record portions of your presentations, and create a truly interactive experience for your students. Sympodiums operate on the same software as SMART Board interactive whiteboards and are projected onto large screens via LCD projection.

How do I get help with it?

Sympodium Quick Reference

Schedule a time to get acquainted with the Sympodium in Maher 194 by contacting one of the iTeam staff:
194-196 Maher Hall

Watch the video walk-throughs:
Video Overview of Sympodium

Download/read PDF tutorials:

USD Sympodium Guide.pdf
Sympodium Interactive Pen Display - Overview
The Floating Tools Toolbar
Smart Tools
Collecting and Sharing Content with Notebook Software
Notebook Software Version 10 Toolbars
Working with Notebook Software Gallery Collections
Using Microsoft Office Applications with SMART Software


Sympodium Interactive Display

Ki Wharton Lectern

What is it?

The lectern in Serra 155 is as functional as it is beautiful.  It accommodates the
Sympodium touch-screen monitor, has a pullout keyboard tray, additional power outlets for laptops, and even cup holders.  The lectern height can be adjusted by a switch activating an electric motor.  In addition, the top wings slide out horizontally allowing access to a small storage area and provides more surface area for materials, class notes or other items.

How do I get help with it?

Contact Instructional Media Services by calling x 4567  (


Adjustable Lectern

Interactive SmartBoard
What is it?

How do I get help with it?

Download/read PDF Info

Contact Instructional Media Services by calling x 4567  (



Document Camera: Ceiling Mounted

What is it?

The ceiling mounted document camera replaces the traditional overhead projectors with a variety of useful benefits.

  • Items under the doc camera are displayed on the large screen
  • Doc camera is auto focus, and enhances text, making it extra clear
  • Doc camera allows you to write on the item and save the annotations (up to 9 images) for later publication to students
  • Doc camera can be connected to your computer
  • Displays colored items
  • No transparencies are needed

Download the fact sheet.pdf

How do I get help with it?
Contact Instructional Media Services by calling x 4567  (


Document Camera

Echo 360

What is it?

Echo 360 is a classroom capture technology that allows an instructor to easily video record his/her lecture along with any computer output or presentation.  The system formats these components and makes the lecture available on-demand.  Students can view streams in a learning management system such as WebCT, via a link on a Web site, or even on their handheld devices.  Content is broken into easily navigated segments.
Visit the Site:
See an example:  Calculus class from U. Mass
How do I get help with it?

Contact the iTeam by calling x 7400  (


Echo 360


What is it?

ClassSpot is networked software that encourages interactive learning by
encouraging students to participate more fully with faculty and each other in the classroom. ClassSpot enables any student to instantly share their work or other digital content by sending files to any large display system in the classroom where they or any other student can interact with that content.
How do I get help with it?
Contact the iTeam by calling x 7400




What is it?

Podcasting is the recording of class lectures or course content and making it available for students to listen o at their convenience.  In Serra 155, simply open the Castaway program on the desktop (Mac side only), press record and start talking.  You can upload the recording for students right from the desktop or take it with you on a flash drive and do it later.

Tell me more about USD podcasting

How do I get help with it?

Cast away: Podcasting

Contact the iTeam by calling x 7400  (



iTunes U

iTunes University is another method of delivering podcasts and is anticipated for late spring 09 at USD.

Learn more about iTunes U

iTunes U at USD