Information Technology Services

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Innovative Learning Space committee (ILSD) Meeting
Thursday November 20, 2008
Location- Serra 155
Time: 12:00-1:30

Meeting called by Co-Chairs Andrew Allen and Shahra Meshkaty

Committee Members: Roger Manion, Conley Robinson, David Sully, Carol Huston, Cel Johnson, Mary Whelan, Ed Starkey, Karen Macauley, Lee Ann Otto, Leonard Perry, Mike Kelly, Jerry Ammer, Jack Pope, David Light, Lance Nelson, Jim Straub, Merrick Marino, Greg Zackowski

12:00-12:15 Welcome    Andy Allen
12:15-12:30 Date and Times of Future Meetings
12:30-12:45 Campus Planning  Presentation Chris Wessells and Andy Allen
12:45-1:00 Tidebreak  Andrew Milne
1:00-1:15 S155 Renovation Process Shahra Meshkaty
1:15-1:30 Guideline Follow-up and Q&A Andy Allen & Shahra Meshkaty

Special Presentation: Guest Speaker

1:30-2:30 Session Presentation Andrew Milne

Drop-In Session: Hands-On Demonstration and Q&A about Technology in S155

2:30-4:30 Drop-in Session Andrew Milne and ITS Staff