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s155 Prototype S155 Renovation - Collection of photos from the renovation process for the classroom Serra 155. Hosted on Flickr.


ILSDC Flickr ImagesILSDC Flickr Images - Collection of photos from various universities around the world containing innovative learning space designs. Hosted on Flickr.



PicLensPicLens - Firefox plugin that displays pictures in three dimensions within the browser from search engines, photo sets, etc. Updated for Firefox 3.



More Photos

Classrooms with Innovative TechnologyClassrooms with innovative technology from various universities, including group tables, white boards, teacher stations, and networked laptop computers.



Learning Spaces Web Sites of Other Universities

UCR Hyperstruction StudioUniversity of California, Riverside's Hyperstruction Studio - "allows faculty to explore innovative pedagogies and considers how to best enhance learning."



SJSU - Incubator ClassroomSan Jose State University's Incubator Classroom - SJSU example of a learning space designed to facilitate teaching and learning with technology tools.



Learning Spaces Web Sites of Other Universities II

Emory University - CollaborationEmory University Collaboration Areas - Overview of collaboration and group work areas within the Computing Center at Cox Hall.



Emory University Computing Center at Cox Hall Emory University Computing Center at Cox Hall - Designed for Fac/Student interaction and is dedicated to new models of learning and collaborative activities.



Emory Universities ComputersEmory University Computing Center at Cox Hall Computers - Overview and specifications of computers in Emory University, Cox Hall.



Learning Spaces Web Sites of Other Universities III

Northwestern University - InfoCommonsNorthwestern University - Library at Northwestern featuring the InfoCommons, with layout, spaces, tables, etc. Additional resources in left-hand navigation.



University of Maryland - Technology ClassroomsUniversity of Maryland - Academic Support page about scheduling, configuration, support, and assistance in technology classrooms.



Binghamton University - State University of New YorkBinghamton University - State University of New York - Links to classrooms, standards, and instructional materials regarding technology within learning spaces.



Presentations on Learning Spaces

Kaleidoscope - Classrooms Focus on TechnologyClassrooms: Focus on Technology - Enhanced Pedagogies and Learning - Describes classroom design from three perspectives: instructor, manager, and designer.



Kaleidoscope - Classrooms Focus on TechnologyCampus-Wide Classroom Planning - Classroom planning and utilization in the larger campus context as opposed to individual areas.



Kaleidoscope - Renovation or New ConstructionRenovation or New Construction? - Considering the implications of renovation or new construction in designing learning spaces.



More Presenttions on Learning Spaces

Kaleidoscope - SustainabilityDesign Considerations Sustainability - Considering sustainability issues when designing learning spaces: efficiency, energy, resources, air, etc.



University of Queensland - Learning Spaces Presentations

Phil Long, MIT, presentation at University of Queensland from various professors and directors affiliated with the University of Queensland, Australia, available in PDF and mp3 files



Reference Lists

Kaleidoscope - Rhodes CollegeRhodes College Workshop on Learning Spaces - Resources in Technology and Learning Spaces from Project Kaleidoscope, including Resources and Presentations.



University of Waterloo - Resources

University of Waterloo Related Sites - Relevant projects, papers, and presentations compiled by the University of Waterloo regarding Learning Spaces.




Sacramento State UniversityCalifornia State University - Sacramento - Information Resources & Technology Department for Sacramento State - implementing IT to all campus units.




ECWestECWest - Vendor with furniture and wire management solutions, teaching presentation stations, mobile laptop carts, and mobile teaching carts.



Herman MillerHerman Miller, Inc. - "is a leading global provider of office furniture and services that create great places to live, learn, work and heal."