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Be Blue, Go Green Academic Technology Services is proud to introduce the Pharos UniPrint system to our Serra and Olin computing labs as well as various locations across campus. Each area is equipped with an Omega touch screen that hosts the user interface to Pharos Uniprint for printing. These machines allow you to release your print jobs by swiping your Torero card and selecting the job(s) you wish to print. In order to print, you must have campus cash loaded on to your Torero card. To learn more about campus cash and how to add money to your account, visit the campus cash website.

We offer double-sided printing on all black and white laserjet printers and encourage users to take advantage of this option whenever possible.

Below is a list of printers we offer, cost and location.

Type of Printer Cost Per Page: Serra 205 Olin 122
BW LaserJet $.06 cents- single-sided check check
BW LaserJet $.08 cents - two-sided check check
Color LaserJet $.35 cents - single sided check check
Color InkJet $.50 cents - single sided check