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Equipment Checkout, Fees and Fines


Academic Technology Services, Copley Library, the Legal Research Center, Media Services, the Art Department, and SOLES have different policies regarding loan periods and fines. This document defines the policy for the Academic Technology Services Department only.

Academic Technology Service’s mission is to serve each user by making laptops, laptops accessories and headphone materials available when they are needed from the Serra Hall 205 computer lab. We ask that you do your part to assure continued timely service to all by returning borrowed materials promptly within the stated loan periods. These guidelines were developed to inform you of Academic Technology Service’s check-out and Fines Guidelines.

For assistance call or email:

Lab Assistant Front Desk: (619) 260-4600 ext. 6911

Check Out Procedure:

  • A patron borrowing a laptop or headphone is required to present a valid Torero ID card at the front desk in Serra 205. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • A borrower must sign the Check Out Form Agreement before he/she can take an item away from the front desk.
  • At the time of checkout, the item will be inspected by a Lab Assistant or supervisor to make sure it is intact and functioning properly.
  • A borrower will be advised to save his/her files in his/her flash or jump drives, CD or to send them via an email attachment. All files will be erased after the computer is returned.
  • The laptop or headphone will be checked out to the borrower’s USD account that is tied into the Library Systems.

Check In Procedure:

  • When returning, the borrower should allow at least five minutes for the Lab Assistant or supervisor to check the equipment.
  • Borrowers must return the item to a Lab Assistant or supervisor in Serra 205 only. No items should not be left unattended at the counter.
  • A Lab Assistant or supervisor will verify that all parts are present and that the laptop, laptop case and charger or headphone is in good working order.
  • A laptop will be booted up and checked for functionality upon return. Headphones will be checked to make sure there is no visible damage and is in good working condition
  • The item will then be checked in from the borrower’s USD account.

Fines and Liability:

Materials not returned to Serra 205 are billed at a default replacement cost as listed in the table below. Replacement fees are set at a minimum default cost which means we reserve the right to charge more if the lost item is of considerable value. Replacement fees are never reduced even if the cost to replace the item is less than the default cost. Patrons can get the replacement cost refunded if the material is returned and the Lab Manager/Lab Supervisor is notified. Students are not allowed to renew or extend the period of time for which a laptop or other item is loaned by the length of the normal loan period. Laptops may not be taken off campus nor are they allowed for overnight check-out. Laptops and headphones are for use in and around the University grounds.

If a student checks out a laptop and it is within 5 hours of closing time, it will be due by close of business. Headphones will be due by the end of the business day, no matter what time you check them out that day.

To avoid fines, items checked out must be renewed by the borrower on or before the due date and time. In most cases you are sent a reminder notice shortly before the due date reminding you that your materials are coming due (see ATS Notices below).

ATS Technology Materials:

(Mac and PC)
Loan Period (when due) 5 Hours By Closing
No. of Renewals 0 0
Overdue Charge Per Hour $20 $2
Replacment cost, includes a service charge



Service Charge $200 $20
Average Default Replacement Cost $1,600 $40

Fine Appeals Guidelines:

Charges may be appealed in writing up to 30 days from the date the charge is incurred. The ATS Fine Appeals Committee will review the appeal, and inform you of its decision by email to your MySanDiego email address, unless you indicate otherwise.

The following conditions are not valid reasons for appealing a fine and will not result in a reduction or waiver of charges:

  • Reminder, First Overdue, Second Overdue, Billing notices were not received
  • You returned the material to another location
  • You are opposed to the Academic Technology Services fines guidelines
  • You have purchased a replacement copy. (Academic Technology cannot accept replacements purchased by the patron.)

Please address the appeal letter to:

Attn: Maureen Dominguez
Academic Technology Services Department
Maher Hall Room 187
University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA 92110

Alternatively you can send an email to: Please add Fine Appeals to the subject line

Academic Technology Services Notices:

First Overdue Notice

One day after the item is overdue, a First Overdue Notice is sent.  This indicates that late fees are being assessed.

Second Overdue Notice

If you do not return the item, a Second Overdue Notice is sent.  This indicates that late fees continue to accrue and warns that you may be billed for the item if it is not returned.

Billing Notice

If the item becomes long overdue, a Billing Notice is sent.  The Notice includes the replacement cost of the item plus a non-refundable service fee.  Borrowing privileges may be suspended. Failure to respond to a billing notice will result in your account being blocked from borrowing any further ATS lab equipment. Under certain circumstances we may contact Public Safety and Student Accounts for further action.

ATS E-mail Addresses:

Your University of San Diego email address (“”) is your official university business email and all Academic Technology Services correspondence is sent to it. The ATS department is not responsible for mail not received or sent to an old address. You are responsible for checking your university email and notifying the ATS department of any discrepancies. 

If you wish to “forward” your email from your USD email address to a different email address, contact the Help Desk at (619) 260-7900.