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STA 2009 Showcase

Projects 2009

Video Digitalization / Web Page Development

Chris Arocho - with Dr. Simon Croom

Gather DVD's, DVC's and other footage and digitalize all video using a real time conversion rate. Edit all clips with iMovie and convert to Flash video. Create web pages in Wordpress using Visual and HTML modes.

Slide Digitalization

Lexan Jaravata with Dr. Kenneth Serbin

Convert slides into digital images and make them usable in the classroom. Scan slides using Batch Mode, convert to JPEG's, crop, sharpen, adjust color, and re-scan if necessary.

Second Life

Erik Kostka- with Jeff Simmons

Undertake building projects in Second Life, a virtual massive multiplayer-online role playing environment. Creation of a virtual, publicly-accessible USD classroom within the Second Life world using SL building toolbar and placing, editing, and recording dimensions

Language Teaching Center Web Page

Kenneth Luna- with Dr. Beatriz Lado

Modify USD's Language Department WebCT page. Developed folders for all languages. Edited backgrounds, fonts, headers, and pictures.

Lean Six Sigma

Christine Wysocki - with Dr. Leonard Perry

Arranged course materials into a web-friendly (WebCT) format. Produced an online course for Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Certification. Converted .pdf files into .csv format, which can be uploaded to Web CT using the Respondus program.


Lexan Jaravata - with Dr. Christopher Devers

Construction of Wikiversity pages helped to provide a central location for a professor and his students to communicate. The Wikiversity site helps educators by creating a place where they can post, edit and share lesson plans with other professors. Templates were used to create the different pages for the lesson plans to be organized.

Connect now

Eric Kostka - with Jeff Simmons & Cyd Burrows

In this project, tutorials and screen captures were created with Adobe Connect Pro. With the new tutorials that were created, anyone can easily access step by step instructions on how to create their own virtual meeting room. Beginner and advanced sections for video instructions were created. Video tutorials were captured, produced, and edited and were finally posted up on the USD support website.


Ken Luna - with Professor Patricia Kowalski

This project accomplished a transformation of the sign-up system for the students in the Psychology Department. Information was extracted from the old SONA system and input into a newly created database using MySQL. The new database design is expected to improve the features and ease of the Psychology Department's sign-up system.


Chris Arocho with Professor Peter Gratton

This project involved the conversion of podcasts into videos that could be downloaded and played from handheld devices. Transcriptions of professor lectures were paired with sequences of photos so that the audio and video would mesh together smoothly and form an interesting video for students to watch.


Alyssa Ernst - with Dr. John Joe Schlichtman

Phase One of a two-semester Website/Database project. Built a basic shell to an interactive Urbanism website to be used by students on campus and around the world to network and research the greatest Urbanism books. Design elements created in Photoshop. Website design created with Wordpress and includes an interactive forum, RSS feeds, news, and upcoming conferences. A database of great Urbanism books and other added features will be integrated in Phase 2 of this project.