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Projects 2008

Picture Scanning and Digital Re-mastering

Christine Wysocki - with Dr. Florence Gillman

Scan, restore, correct, and organize slides of pictures from various trips and store them on a portable hard drive. This project involved the scanning and enhancing pictures which were then incorporated into PowerPoint presentations and lectures.

Creating Digital Video Library

Hadi Abrishamchian - with Dr. Noriyuki Inoue

Create an online database filled with digital movies. This project involved ripping videos into digital format from Hi-8, VHS, and DVD to .mov digital files for upload. HTML script and WebCT was used to create a user friendly online database (video library).

Math Modules

Ednalen Acenas - with Professor Jack W. Pope

Develop flash videos demonstrations that illustrate Math 115. This project involved Math modules that were edited using Adobe Captivate. Math problems were demonstrated that were associated with the modules. These modules were then uploaded online where students can access them.

Lecture Videos and Clinical Decision-Making

Katherine Galam - with Dr. Ronn Johnson

The purpose of this project was to create Videos of class lectures that were edited, and uploaded online which are then accessible for students for further learning tools. A Clinical Decision-Making was created by using a scenario simulation that was made by using slides with multiple choice questions. These scenarios were formatted to include different outcomes of a certain situation.


Erik Kotska and Joey Edwards - with LT Jeremy Grouette

The purpose of this project was to create a Naval Science Lab to reinforce Seamanship, weapons systems, and naval operational principles taught in Naval Science courses. This involved creating 3D ships, developing and editing of specific scenarios for the simulation. Using current PC technology and Commercial Off-The-Shelf programs (COTS) a practical learning experience for Navy Midshipmen was provided.

CS3 Website

Yasmin Makki - with Lonnie Rowell

This project involved capturing, editing, and rendering DVDs of raw footage made available to the professor for future editing and use. Also, PowerPoint presentations were taken and made accessible as PDFs for the CS3 website as well as archived all information needed to be put up to the CS3 website.

Nursing Clinical Decision Making

Yasmin Makki - with Diane Fatica

This project involved research on how to create a clinical decision making for the nursing department. Adobe Captivate was used to create the clinical decision making. A test was created that included different levels of difficulty for each set of students.

Logic Center Website

Yasmin Makki - with Professor H.E. Baber

The purpose of this project was to transfer thelogic website to the philosophy department website. It involved finalizing, editing, and completing the Logic Center Website.


Yasmin Makki - with Dr. Jessica Calhoun

The purpose of this project was to use Adobe Captivate in order to create virtual scenarios where students can act as Clinical Nurse Leaders. An electronic platform was created for graduate students in the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) program to simulate activities to collect the appropriate data, identify stakeholders, and successfully implement change through appropriate channels in the facilities. Two simulations were created for the two scenarios that were provided.


Raymond Murdock - with Dr. JJ Schlichtman

The purpose of this project was to create a complex participation survey using Survey Monkey in conjunction with Dr. JJ Schlichtman to allow Sociology students to do a peer review at the end of the semester. Also Adobe Captivate was used in order to create Facebook tutorials for use on the website in support of emerging technologies.


Chris Arocho - with Dr. Simon Croom

Gather DVD's, DVC's and other footage and digitalize all video using a real time conversion rate. Edit all clips with iMovie and convert to Flash video. Create web pages in Wordpress using Visual and HTML modes.

Research Guide

George Jiang - with The Innovative Learning Spaces Design Committee

Shooting and compiling a photographs from all around USD along with the redesign and renovation of the External Resources Page within the Innovative Learning Spaces Design Committee site.

Research Guide

George Jiang - with CamSpace

The iTeam became beta testers for a new program that locks on to up to four colored objects within the vision of an ordinary computer webcam. This allows users to use the objects to control anything from the mouse pointer to a trigger in a first-person shooter game.