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STA 2013 Showcase

Projects 2013

Ben's Project 2013

Benjamin Reed with Dr. O'Neal

Dr. O'Neal and STA Benjamin Reed spent the semester finding a way to create a survey tool for students to evaluate each other in class. They decided on using Qualtrics surveys and linking them through Blackboard so they are easily accessible. Blackboard rubrics were then exported to Qualtrics surveys to make sure that students had a concise way to grade each other. These qualtrics surveys were best read while exported to excel.

Cal Project 2013

Cal McKim with Dr. Velo

Cal helped build and set up a "Problem of the week" page for Dr. Velo, and created a logo for her. Cal also built several surveys for her alumni.

TJ Project 2013

TJ Weiten with Dr. Fu

TJ renovated the website ArtOffice for Dr. Fu by removing excess tags, tidy up pages, and verify links.

Evan Project 2013

Evan Nagata with Dr. Khoung

Evan created 3D chemicals for the purpose of embedding them into PDFs for Dr. Khoung's biology class so that they may view chemical structures without the use of the Linux computers in the Bio-lab.


Ayala Pourat - with iTeam

Ayala updated knowledge base articles relating to Blackboard. The iTeam blog was also updated with Youtube videos.

Whitney Powerpoint

Whitney Robinson with Dr. Spencer

Whitney worked with the Learning and Teaching Department faculty to upkeep their websites.