Information Technology Services

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STA Project Showcase

2011 Projects

Spring 2011

Language Teaching Center Web Page

Contemporary Palestinian Art & Literature
Professor: Dr. John Halaka
STA: Joe Emery

Lean Six Sigma

Rhino/Grasshoper Architecture Software
Professor: Dr. Daniel Lopez-Perez
STA: Devon Morris

Lean Six Sigma

Psychology Department Online Participation System
Professor: USD Psychology Department
STA: Ken Luna

Lean Six Sigma

Professor: Dr. Krisin Moran
STA: Lexan Jaravata

Fall 2011


Video Digitalization / Web Page Development

Thanksgiving House Project Website
Dr. Withers
STA: Joe Emery

Slide Digitalization

Jan Gist Speaking Website
Professor: Prof. Jan Gist
STA: TJ Weiten

Second Life

Filming Classes for Methods of Teaching in Literacy Course
Professor: Dr. Sarina Molina
STA: Cal McKim
Jacob Bruce Design VRay Software Classroom Development
Professor: Dr. Daniel Lopez-Perez
STA: Jacob Bruce
Whitney Excel and Access Video Tutorial Project
Professor: Dr. Perry
STA: Whitney Robinson

Summer 2011

QR QR Codes
ITS Office
STA: Ben Reed and Joe Emery