Information Technology Services

Drop Shadow

STA 2010 Showcase

Projects 2010


Chris Arocho - with Dr. Lisa Nunn

To create a sociological, documentary-style film that chronicles a bi-national gay couple over the course of 8 years as they continually restructure their lives around immigration laws that exclude gay and lesbian Americans from bringing their foreign partners legally into the U.S.

Second Life

Alyssa Ernst with Dr. Christopher Devers

Creating an educational environment within Second Life for the USD Graduate Education Program. This interactive library allows students to share the lesson plans they have created. Each book on the shelf contains a sperate, interactive lesson plan that can be accessed and exercised by anyone in the world via Second Life.


Lexan Jaravata - with Dr. Susannah Stern

Creation of a website designed to showcase informative pamphlets created by Communications students. The website aspires to increase media literacy in students as well as parents and educators as they share in the learning process.

History of film

Erik Kostka - with Dr. Colin Fisher

Assisting and collaborating with Film History students on their video editing projects using Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express. Helping them to achieve their goals and visions for their final projects throughout the length of the semester.


Devon Morris - with Dr. Daniel Lopez-Perez

Designing student tutorials for training in advanced architectural design software. A great beginning to a much larger library of student tutorials.


Ben Reed - with Dr. JJ Schlichtman

Crafting, designing, and perfecting a webpage created in an earlier STA project. This webpage conatins many components including databases, wikis, blogs, news feeds, and discussion boards. This portal will be utilized by students, professors, and academics across the globe to explore a "Great Books" database, discuss current Urban Studies issues, and connect with other academics and resources.