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STA 2007 Showcase

Projects 2007

Stem Cell

Erik Kostka - with Professor Larry Hinman

Videos were captured using a method whereby the STA could simultaniously preform other tasks. This included researching improvements on the videos (titles, etc), uploading already made videos onto a test server, etc. Once captured, the videos were crop/ripple-edited where necessary for fluidity purposes.

Slide Image Restoration

Eddie Barboza - with Dr. Lance Nelson

Scan, restore and correct slide images and place them into a searchable image database program. This project involved the scanning and correcting of hundreds of slides which were then made searchable through the use of Adobe Lightroom.

WebCT Exam Conversion

Philip Kostka - with Jim Evans

Assist in the conversion of exams to a WebCT-friendly format for online delivery. This project involved the conversion of several hundred questions into a format that was acceptable to the WebCT system. The exams were formatted to include the correct answers for automated correction as well as feedback for students to research and confirm the correct answers in their text.

American-Indian Studies Web Site

Birsin Sivar - with Dr. Michelle Jacop

The purpose of this project was to promote the new major, Ethnic Studies. This involved creating a web site describing the American-Indian studies course introducing the professors and students as well as relevant coursework and images from community services.

Website Redesign

Yasmin Makki - with Professor Colin Fisher

In its original incarnation, this website had an index that required the user to click on a picture to bring them to the actual site. Professor Fisher requested for this to be streamlined. In addition, the site pages were made consistent by modifying fonts, text sizes, alignment, links, and the like.

JSDH Database

Yasmin Makki - with Professor Colin Fisher

The JSDH Database was originally located on a hard drive in the history department on campus. Professor Fisher sought a way to make these files accessible online. To this end, Professor Fisher found an online database website which allowed the STA to convert the Filemaker Pro files into Excel (.csv) files, organize them, and edit them.