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Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

Who Are Student Technology Assistants (STA's)?
STAs are technologically adept undergraduate students who are recruited, trained, and supported by the Student Technology Assistant Program Supervisor (see Contact Us). Qualified students can be identified and recommended by the faculty member or the department. These students will be paired up with faculty members based on proposed projects and skill requirements. We encourage students who are interested in broadening their skills, then pair them up with projects for which they are best suited.

What do STAs do?
STAs work one-on-one with faculty members to complete semester-long projects that will enhance instruction and learning experiences for USD courses. STA's work closely with their supervisor and other ATS personnel to create viable plans and solutions for the projects they are assigned to. They research, manage, and carry out the projects from beginning to end.

What are the benefits to a faculty member?

  • One-on-one collaboration with a skilled student trained to carry out the tasks necessary to complete the vision of your project
  • Enhanced curriculum that facilitates student learning
  • ITS resources and expertise
  • Funding to purchase software and hardware necessary to complete the project

Who is eligible to submit an STA project proposal?

  • Instructors must be full-time faculty
  • Instructors must have attended Blackboard Olé training IF proposing the development of an online course
  • Instructors must be available and prepared to begin work on their project at the time of acceptance into the program

What is the proposal criteria?

  • Projects must yield results that will enhance the teaching and learning experience in the classroom (virtual or face-to-face)
  • The depth and scope of the project should ensure sufficient new learning experiences for the STA
  • The number of students who will benefit from the outcome of the project will be considered
  • Project timeline to be no more than one semester in duration

How will faculty participants be selected?

Proposals will be reviewed by an Advisory Committee and selected based on the potential benefits to the students in course(s), as well as on the potential learning and collaboration experiences for the Student Technology Assistant.
Other factors to be considered in the project may include:

  • Number of students impacted by the project
  • Enhancement of instruction usually delivered using traditional teaching methods
  • Innovative and creative uses of technology
  • ITS services and resources needed to carry out the project
  • Feasibility of the project with the time and resources available

What kinds of projects can be developed?

  • Blackboard Olé course development and/or redesign
  • Creation of interactive learning modules including blogs, discussion boards, wikis, etc.
  • Course/departmental web site development
  • Audio (podcasting/iTunes U) and video editing (iMovie, Final Cut Pro)
  • Basic animation (Flash, Quicktime)
  • Conversion of transparencies and slides to digital formats for PowerPoint or web presentations
  • Web 2.0 projects - Second Life, Facebook, Twitter
  • 3-D modeling
  • Create on-demand lectures, tutorials and simulations using Captivate

What happens if my proposal is accepted?

Upon acceptance to the STA Program, a Program Supervisor will contact the faculty member to arrange the initial meeting with the Student Technology Assistant. At that time, the Project Design Agreement will be completed and signed by all parties.

How will the projects be managed?

The Program Supervisor will be supervise the STAs. The Program Supervisor is an ITS employee who will provide technological and other resource support to the STAs. For each project, teams will be formed consisting of a student, a faculty member, the Program Supervisor, and other professionals within the ITS group as needed. An STA Project Agreement will be developed, and will serve as the main planning contract for the project. This agreement will include the following information:

  • Project name
  • Length of project
  • Team members roles and responsibilities identified
  • Project goals and objectives identified
  • Defining tasks

What will my responsibilities include?

Faculty responsibilities for accepted proposals include:

  • Hold regular meetings with the STA
  • Provide open lines of communication
  • Provide sufficient materials to the STA allowing him/her to work to their maximum potential
  • Work with the STA to create clear tasks and goals for the project and due dates
  • Provide feedback on STA performance to the Program Supervisor
  • Inform the STA Program Supervisor of any changes in project or schedule
  • Promote and share STA project outcomes with USD community at upcoming events

How will STA Program successes be measured?

Faculty member participants will be contacted at regular intervals throughout the process and will be asked to complete short evaluations. Faculty members and Student Technology Assistant will also complete evaluations at the end of the project. Informal evaluation, updates, and communication will take place throughout the course of the project in Blackboard Olé, our communication hub. The project deliverables will be shared with other USD community members via the STA web site and at the Faculty Technology Open House in the Spring.

I'd like to submit a proposal! What do I do and what happens next?