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Drop Shadow


TeamSpot is a collaboration zone that allows students to work effectively on group projects. Each TeamSpot consists of one large, main screen that each group member can connect to and share content with each other. All members can access documents, links, articles, screens, and photos once they are shared on the main screen.

Students will enjoy the freedom of not being huddled around a single computer, and their groups will be able to produce quality work in an efficient and easy way. Just visit one of the locations with some friends or colleagues and see how TeamSpot can positively enhance your group-work experience.

TeamSpot demos will take place every Tuesday and Thursday in Serra 205 between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. in 15-minute increments.

Contact the Helpdesk with your questions.

Book a TeamSpot with Appointy! You must check two boxes, one in each area: Training/Consulting, and Staff or TeamSpot. Then, log in or create a new account to confirm your session.