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Video Content Management - Ensemble

The Ensemble Video Content Management platform comes to the University of San Diego.

What is Ensemble?

The Ensemble video server is the new

USD hosted solution for managing and
streaming multimedia content. This new enterprise solution will be
replacing the old Helix streaming server previously used over the past 15 years as the campus solution for streaming video. Ensemble Video offers power and simplicity with an intuitive interface for delivering rich media content that can be embedded on a web site, published as a link, or securely embedded inside Blackboard.

*Licesnsing or storage fees may apply.

Take a look at what's already on the Ensemble Video Server at USD!

Benefits of Ensemble

What can I do with Ensemble?

  • Manage your video in one central location
  • Add video inside your Blackboard course
  • Publish a single video or a video playlist that includes multiple videos
  • Have students upload video coursework to your account for grading\
  • Publish secure non-downloadable streaming video
  • Add multimedia /PDF attachments to your videos
  • Include chapter markers and annotations for interactive viewing
  • Compress large video files into web optimized and mobile ready format

How do I get an Ensemble account (individual/department)?

To use Ensemble, fill the request form, review and sign the Ensemble Terms of Service Agreement to acknowledge that you have read and agree with the terms of use. You are responsible to comply with all copyright policies and must agree to the terms and conditions set forth when uploading materials.

Support and Training

Getting Started for Individual Users

Download the USD Ensemble Video Guide that covers:

  • Creating and Organizing Videos with Playlists
  • Video Uploading and Publishing
  • Using Ensemble's "Dropbox" Feature to Have Video Coursework Uploaded
  • Training can be scheduled by emailing

Support is available to all faculty and staff of USD. Support hours are Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Additional Resources and Documentation:

Ensemble Resources and Documentation


Getting Started for Organizational and Departmental Users

This information applies to the indivdual who is acting as a liaison on behalf of a School or a department.

Watch the Advanced USD Ensemble Video Management Tutorial

Download the Ensemble Content Administrator Guide


What types of files can be placed on the streaming server?
You can upload in any audio or video format and the Ensemble video server will convert the file to a web ready format.

How should my video files be prepared in order to upload them to the streamer?

Each account has 5 GB of storage capacity. However; you can upload larger files and through the optimization Ensemble compresses your final file size. By default, Ensemble creates your videos in widescreen and optimized for playback on desktop and mobile devices. If your file is larger than 20 gigs, you have the following options.

    1. Contact Instructional Media Services for assistance by filling out this Video Conversion Request Form
    2. You can encode the video on your own to a high quality compressed file. Just download this free software called Handbrake and use the following settings.
      • Picture Settings: 1280X720p
        Video Tab: 7000 kbps, 2 Pass Encoding, Turbo First Pass, Constant Frame Rate, Web Optimized
        Audio Tab: 192 kbps, Stereo, 48k

How long should I expect the upload process to take?
We highly recommend uploading using the on campus network so your video can be uploaded in a few minutes. Otherwise, your video could take much longer to upload. When uploading your video, make sure the progress bar reaches 100% before selecting "Save & Continue" below the media.

Who will be able to access my materials on the streaming server?
You can restrict access to only have the viewed be viewed inside a Blackboard account, or you can send out a link to the video.The links are not searchable and URL’s do not contain stream titles so it would be rare for somebody to come across the link.

How can I add streaming media to my Blackboard class?
Once your video is published, just click on the video in the Media Library and you will be given the html code to publish inside your Blackboard course. You can also multiple videos inside a playlist so you can send one link to multiple videos.

Who can I contact if I need more help, or require training with Ensemble?
Please email email and provide as many details as possible in your email.