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How do I get Qualtrics?

1. Please verify if you belong to one of the USD divisions that has opted in to purchase a Division/School/Department license or a Single User account of Qualtrics.

2. If your division/or unit has paid for your departmental use of qualtrics, then you create your Qualtrics account by following this instruction:

3. To Create your Account:

    • Click on this link.
    • Log in with your MySanDiego username and password
    • Agree to the USD Qualtrics Terms of Use.
    • If you don’t already have a Qualtrics Account:
      • Click on the button “I don’t have a Qualtrics Account”
      • follow the instructions to create your account
    • If you already have a Qualtrics Account (users prior to USD Qualtrics adoption/purchase)
      • Click on “I already have a Qualtrics Account”.   
      • Enter your old Qualtrics username and password when prompted.
      click “Migrate Account”.

      * Once you create the account and agree to terms and conditions and have your account created >> proceed to the ONLINE Tutorials and Trainings (variety of resources and instructions are available to help users to get started with the survey).

How do I get Qualtrics if I don't belong to an opted-in Division?

If you do NOT see your department currently listed as an "opted-in" Division, please contact your department to have them fill out the Qualtrics Access Request Form

How do I use Qualtrics?

Please explore the Tutorials & Training section to become more aware of on-demand, live online and face-to-face workshop training opportunities.