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Qualtrics Account Management

This page provides all users with features to create and manage their USD Qualtrics account.

Request a Qualtrics Account

Due to the licensing structure at USD, review Part 1 to ensure you are part of one of the groups mentioned, if not proceed to Part 2. If you are associated with Part 1, proceed to part 3.

Additional Qualtrics Account Information

Part 1: Determine If You Are Associated with Qualtrics License Opt-in Program

Academic Technology Services (ATS) has partnered with the following schools and divisions to license Qualtrics in an effort to facilitate research, teaching and departmental needs. If you are faculty, staff or student in one of the below divisions/schools and you have your manager or professor's approval, click here to create your account using your USD One username and password.

Division Administrator
School of Leadership and Education Sciences Karen Lee
Student Affairs Margaret Leary
School of Business Administration Jewel Leonard
College of Arts and Sciences Carole Huston
Institutional Research Holly Hoffman
Information Technology Services Shahra Meshkaty

Part 2: If you are NOT in an opt-in Division Listed Above

If you are NOT affiliated with one of the divisions/schools listed above, Qualtrics may still be available, however, cost sharing fees will apply. Please complete the Qualtrics Access Request Form to opt-in for either a Single license ($500 annually) or a Division license ($2000 annually).

User Type Create Surveys? Activate Surveys? Distribute Surveys? Approve Surveys?
Student Yes  Requires faculty approval Limited to 100 responses No
Faculty Yes  Yes Limited to 100 responses Yes
Staff Yes  Yes Limited to 100 responses No
Admin Yes  Yes Limited to 100 responses No
AdminPlus Yes Yes Unlimited No


Part 3: Request a USD Qualtrics Account

If your division/school has paid for your departmental use of Qualtrics, create your USD Qualtrics account by following the steps below:

  1. Click on this link.
  2. Log in with your USD One username and password. NOTE: If you later change your USD Outlook exchange username, you'll need to send HelpDesk an email requesting to change your Qualtrics username to match your USD One username.
  3. Agree to the USD Qualtrics Terms of Use, if prompted.
  4. Click on the button “I don’t have a Qualtrics Account” and follow the instructions to create your account.
  5. You will be placed into one of the above user types, listed in Part 2, based upon your USD One account type. 
  6. NOTE: When you first create your account, you will NOT be able to access it. Send HelpDesk an email indicating you created an account and need it 'activated'.

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Part 4: Request an Upgrade to AdminPlus Account Type

  • Before submitting the request form, review the information below:
    • Users must first verify that they belong to one of the USD Divisions listed above that has opted-in to purchase a Division/School/Department license or a Single User account of Qualtrics. Faculty and Staff may request an upgrade to AdminPlus, which allows over 100 responses, by submitting a request form to their division administrator.
    • Ensure that the survey is not designed to collection information already collected by another university survey.
    • Click here to access the form.

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    Part 5: Administer Surveys

    USD has purchased a University-wide license for Qualtrics online survey administration software. It is essential that surveys conducted at the University of San Diego provide meaningful, reliable results. Procedures have been established to maximize the benefits of surveys conducted on campus.

    These procedures are intended to:

    • Avoid the collection of duplicate information
    • Encourage the sharing of survey results with the campus community
    • Reduce possible survey fatigue by limiting the number and timing of surveys to any one specific group
    • Maximize participation rates for critical university surveys
    • Ensure that those who undertake survey research are aware of ethical practises for research involing human participants and have Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval as necessary. Email Paula Krist for more informaiton with IRB inquiries.
    • Discourage the collection of personal information due to Federal Laws.

    Part 7: Administrative Privileges

    Administrative priviledges will be granted to USD faculty and staff members. Students who wish to distribute surveys must have a sponsoring faculty or staff member who has obtained survey approval priviledges and who will approve the survey for them. Faculty members are automatically granted survey approval privileges upon account creation.

    Part 6: Migrate a Qualtrics Account

      Note that accounts may not be migrated to a USD Qualtrics account. Also note that if someone has a account, they will not be able to copy, share, collaborate, etc. with a USD Qualtrics account.

      1. If you already have an USD Qualtrics Account due to being a user who had it previously at USD, based on adoption/purchase, click here to login.
      2. Enter your old Qualtrics username and password when prompted.
      3. Select Migrate Account.
      4. If you have difficulty, email Helpdesk to report that you are trying to migrate USD Qualtrics accounts. Provide Helpdesk with your previous username and your current username.

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    Part 7: Re-activate My Qualtrics Account

    • If you are no longer able to access your Qualtrics account, request to have it activated by completing this form. Provide 1. your name, 2. department in which you are associated with and 3. whether you are student, staff or faculty.


    Part 8: Disable My Qualtrics Account

    • If you would like to disable your Qualtrics account due to travel, extended leave, etc., request to have your account disabled by completing this form. You may request to re-activate your account upon your return by following Part 7 above.


    Part 9: Change My Qualtrics Username

  • If you changed your USD One username and would like your Qualtrics username updated as well, click here to submit a form to request the change.


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