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What is Collaborate?

Blackboard Collaborate can host virtual classrooms, offices, and meeting spaces to offer more opportunities to improve your teaching and learning outcomes.

  • Available as a tool in every Blackboard course or orginization!
  • Share slides, applications (Excel, Word, ect), and webpages
  • Live office hours with video
  • Pre-recorded lectures (flipping the classroom concept)

Blackboard Collaborate

Why do I want Collaborate?

Collaborate allows you to …

  • Offer virtual office hours, eliminating extra travel and supports USD’s Be Blue, Go Green initiative!
  • Conduct a live class session even if you are on travel.
  • Pre-record lectures and make them available via a link.
  • Podcast simply and easily from within your Blackboard course.
  • Keep your students connected even when they are not in the classroom.
  • Particpant on the go from a Mobile Device.

Collaborate at USD

Collaborate is rapidly being adopted by many entities on campus. 

  • Instructors who need to travel or be away from campus can still conduct a class session at the regularly scheduled time ... virtually!
  • Others have found that pre-recording their lectures in conjunction with their PowerPoint slides offers their students an effective supplemental resource on-demand. 
  • Live Classrooms are also being used for virtual meetings for time-strapped committees on campus.
  • Language instructors are finding that Collaborate Voiceboard can significantly enhance learning of new languages. 

How Do I get Collaborate?

That’s the easy part!  If you have a Blackboard course you already have access to all the Collaborate products.

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