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What are Clickers?

I>Clickers are individual, electronic devices that allow for classroom polling. Students can use I>Clickers to anonymously respond to multiple-choice and true/false questions raised in the classroom. i>clicker

The class instructor has a receiver that is powered by a computer USB port. With this receiver, the instructor can control the classroom clicker environment. He/ she can open the floor by making a question available to the class. Once the students have selected their responses, the instructor can then present the results in a graph format, giving the students a visual representation of their responses for easy analysis.

Results Shown On Screen

Results in Graph Form

Why do I want Clickers?

Clickers allow you to…

  • Gauge student understanding of lecture material
  • Add participation and interaction to your class lecture
  • Include all of your students in classroom discussion
  • Deliver quizzes/ poll students and gather data easily and instantly
  • Take attendance with ease
  • Keep students involved and engaged in the course
  • Collect anonymous, honest responses to sensitive materials

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Clickers at USD

I>Clickers have been adopted by many faculty members teaching in various disciplines to promote interactivity, engage students, and encourage discussion.

How do I get Clickers?

The cost for students is $39.99/clicker and they can be purchased at the USD Bookstore. This is a one time, lifetime fee, there are no additional costs, and students can resell their devices once they are done using them.

If you are interested in this technology, please contact for more information.

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