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What is Connect Pro?

Connect Pro is a web conferencing software that allows you to host meetings, deliver presentations, conduct class sessions from the comfort of your office or home.  If you can’t meet in person, Connect Pro is the next best thing.  Since there is no application software install, you can access your meeting space from anywhere. All you need is an Internet browser and Adobe Flash Player runtime, which is already installed on more than 98% of personal computers.

Connect Pro allows instructors to:

  • Collaborate and meet with colleagues at distant geographic locations
  • Hold virtual class sessions
  • Host promotional webinars
  • Record lectures for playback on-demand
  • Conduct virtual office hours

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Connect Pro @ USD

A limited pilot group began use of Connect Pro in the fall of ’09. Members of this group were given access to unlimited use of the product in order to evaluate the feasibility of future expand adoption.  The group was asked to base their evaluation on several factors including:

  • Anticipated ease of use for faculty members/students
  • Difficulty of learning curve
  • Flexibility of application
  • Availability of features that aid in teaching and learning

Initial results indicate that the product is seen as being feature rich, dependable with few technical difficulties, and can be configured in a wide variety of ways to suit those who are looking for a very simple interface and also those who want to include all the bells and whistles.

Why do I want it?

Connect Pro allows you to …

  • Conduct a class session if you are out of town or off campus
  • Offer virtual office hours, eliminating extra travel and in support of USD’s Be Blue Go Green initiative!
  • Pre-record a lecture for future playback on-demand
  • Collaborate with colleagues at a geographical distance
  • Free up class time for activities by offering online introductory lectures before class

How Do I get it?

Contact (x7400) for access information and training options.

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