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Spring 2014 iPad Classroom Projects

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Sandy Buczynski


Curriculum Design and Evaluation 13
Biography Dr. Buczynski has worked as both a research scientist as well as an educator. She graduated with a B.A. in Biology and worked in research while obtaining a Masters in Public Health in University of Texas, Houston. In 1978, she obtained her lifetime teaching credential in science education and has been teaching biology ever since. In addition to teaching at USD, she is also on the Board of Directors for Nativity Preparatory academy, serves on the advisory board for Science Scope, and volunteers for the American Professional Partnership for Lithuanian Education.
Brief Description EDUC 535 examines how to design effective curriculum with an eye toward the technology available in K-12 schools. Technology is quickly becoming an educational panacea, often with great costs incurred by schools. As with any new medium of instruction, technology and its relationship to learning should be closely investigated, especially as it realtes to specific tools or programs. In this course, you will examine learning in a technology rich environment, as well as critically analyzes the true impact of technology to promote student learning and the global influence of technology on learning. The investigation for this iPad project will be to design K-12 curriculum specifically for teachers to use in a 1:1 classroom and founded on the Common Core Standards.

M. Magnin

Michele Magnin



French Culture and Civilization 15

Michèle C. Magnin, PhD, has been a member of the department of Languages and Literatures since 1990. She is the director of the French section. She offers courses in literature, culture and civilization, women writers, advanced writing, and phonetics. She was director of the Faculty and Curriculum Diversity Program on campus for three years.

A native Parisian, Magnin has established strong links with the French community in San Diego. She was president of the San Diego chapters of the American Association of Teachers of French, and the Alliance Française.

Brief Description Students will read the French Press, visit castles and museums using apps, learn to film interviews with the iPad, make flashcards with illustrations to learn new vocabulary and concepts, make i-books to capture their personal vision of French culture. They will also use i-Annotate for homework. Except for i-Annotate, all the other apps are free. Keynote presentations replace PowerPoint presentations.


Carl Rebman


Management Information Systems 11
Biography Carl Rebman Jr. is an associate professor of Information Systems and Information Technology, which provides outreach programs for continuing education students, certificate and training programs for local San Diego IT companies, and research presentations. He is also a member of the San Diego Information Technology Directors group and serves on the editorial board of several journals.
Brief Description In this class, Dr. Rebman is planning on using the following applications: Flipboard and Zite for helping the students locate and assemble news and information regarding challenges and opprotunities within IS as it realates towards business. He plans to use Notability, Zoom and GoClass to enhance lecture delivery format. He plans to incorporate Prezi to assist with presentations. Lastlty, he plans to use YouTubeCapture to assist with capturing real time information associated with projects.

Perla Myers

Perla Myers


Math Concepts for Elementary School Teachers II  

Perla Myers has been a member of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department since 1999. She enjoys teaching classes at all undergraduate levels: core mathematics classes, mathematics classes for the Mathematics major, and mathematics classes for future and in-service elementary and secondary school teachers. Professor Myers’ most recent work involves the improvement of the mathematical education of teachers.

Brief Description I will incorporate the iPad in my class to enhance teaching and learning. Some uses of the iPad are: 1. Students solve problems and give explanations to each other in class. The iPad will allow students to write their explanations at the same time and present them to each other by connecting to an overhead. 2. Students will use the iPad to create demonstrations to explain concepts.

Jerome Ammer

Jerome Ammer


Evidence Based Inclusive Practices Mild/Moderate 5-22
Biography The possibilities of using technology as a tool in education has been a vital part of Dr. Ammer’s professional research and course integration for some time. Presently he is excited to explore how teachers and students can collaborate to seamlessly integrate wireless networks and mobile devices into daily learning experiences.
Course Description This course provides future special educators with knowledge of evidence based best practices to integrate students with special needs into age appropriate inclusive classrooms. A 140-hour supervised field placement aligns course learning and assigments with reality of actual middle school and high school instructional settings. The proposed iPad project is designed to provide multiple tablet-based applications to assist students in demonstration of the nine state mandated elements taught in this course.

Dr. Jonathan Mack

Jonathan Mack


Intro to Health Care Informatics 30
Biography Dr. Jonathan Mack attended the University of San Diego, Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science, for his PhD training. He completed his dissertation on application of systems engineering techniques to predict bed utilization. His program of research centers on application of systems engineering to the healthcare environment. He has training in both systems engineering, Healthcare informatics and Human factors. He is currently a Post Doctoral Fellow with the West Wireless Health Institute. His research areas include clinical applications of technology and wireless heal devices. Dr Mack is researching user interfaces for electronic medical records and medical devices.
Course Description Hahn School of Nursing graduates are required to pass computer based testing in order to obtain licences/certifications to practice in their respective specialties. To better prepare our students for computer based testing exams it is necessary to migrate our teaching methodology to computerized classroom testing. Dr. Mack wishes to utlize ExamSoft. ExamSoft allows faculty to administer web based computerized testing via iPad app. Students will use ExamSoft on the iPad to take their tests during the spring 2014 semester.