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The WolfVision Desktop Visualizer, or document camera is a presentation tool that allows you project images of almost object or document that will fit onto its platform. Sea shell or maps, textbooks or art projects, these items can be instantly shared with your class. The system even allows you to snapshot images that can be saved to the hard drive. Old overhead transparencies can be imaged instantly and saved into a digital format for future use without the need to ever use an overhead projector again.

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Document Cameras at USD

Document cameras are already located in many classroom consoles on campus, typically they are housed in a drawer in the side of the unit. The number of units is growing as classrooms are continuously renovated and new equipment installed. Document cameras can be used with either a Mac or PC (many classrooms are now dual boot) and replace the need for overhead projectors with the benefit of many additional features. The zoom feature allows you to really focus in on detail of an item, for instance the detail on our currency. Full motion recording allows you to capture movement to your computer for future playback. Items/documents can also be turned into digital images in a snap. It cal also be used just like an overhead projector by placing a piece of white paper or a photocopies document on the surface for markup. Great for flowcharts, mathematical formulas, and more. Instructors are finding this classroom tool useful across disciplines.

Why do I want it?

The document camera allows you to:

  • Use overhead transparencies without the need for an overhead projector
  • Convert your overhead transparencies to digital images
  • Project 3D object images in great detail
  • Record full motion action, for instance, record all the steps necessary to complete an algebraic formula

How do I get it?

Many classrooms at USD already have document cameras. Contact Instructional Media Services (IMS) to find out where these are located.

Training/Demos are in Maher 186, or, they can come to your classroom
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