Information Technology Services

Drop Shadow

Course Activation FAQS

  1. Why do I have to do training?
    • There are quite a few specific USD procedures and resources of which you must be aware.
    • Even if you have used another LMS (WebCT) in the past, Blackboard is significantly different.
  2. Isn’t there something I can just take on-line?
    • Full-Time faculty who have not yet attended the training, must attend the face-to-face session.
  3. I requested the same course this time last year, why do I have to do this every time?
    • We don’t ‘overwrite’ previous courses at USD. We keep an archive of every past course ‘just in case’
    • We keep the server clean and fast by creating only courses specifically requested
  4. I received and e-mail stating that my course has been activated, but I still can't get in.
    • It is likely that your department has not yet updated you as the assigned instructor for the course in Banner, the student registration system that communicates with Blackboard. Verify that you are the assigned instructor for the course. If you are not, contact the registrar.