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Statistical and AnalyticalCost to your department:   $200
SPSS is a computer program used for statistical analysis and is among the most widely used programs for statistical analysis in social science.
In addition to statistical analysis, other features of the base software include data management (case selection, file reshaping, creating derived data) and data documentation (metadata dictionary).

ITS has recently procured a new site license for SPSS. This new site license will provide ITS with more flexibility and ease of deployment. The site license will also allow us to provide installation on multlple machines for use by faculty for teaching and research purposes. As in the past, there is no charge for the academic and research use of SPSS. "Academic" use is defined as an action or task directly and solely related to the course material of an academic institution. Thus, the research use of SPSS must relate back to the course material (list course name and course number). Although ITS does not charge departments for academic use, the site license is being completely funded by ITS.

With the new license, there is the additional benefit of the Home Use Program for faculty. Home Use is an extended benefit of the site license and ITS does not extend technical support for SPSS on personal computers. Please visit the SPSS Home Use Program (HUP) page for instructions how to download SPSS to your personal computer.

Important Changes
The SPSS site license is an annual license and will expire on June 30. End users will receive a notification prior to the end of the term (60 days prior, then 30 days prior), alerting them that their license is expiring. At that time, instructions will guide users to reinstate their license for the following year without interruption of service.

IBM no longer requires that users purchase the Base package before adding additional components. Now each package comes as a standalone product which can be mixed and matched to suit your specific requirements.

ITS will have a reduced charge for departments who use SPSS for non-academic purposes (not covered by the above definitions). The charge will be $200 per non-academic license. When ordering, please include your POETS code.

New links from SPSS:
SPSS Academic Resource Center
SPSS For Students: GradPack Pricing Included

Here is a brief description of each package according to SPSS.com.

e-academy Pricing for Students
e-academy Inc is an official SPSS distributor of software rentals for academic customers via the OnTheHub Network. They offer many academic discount options for your convenience:

Student Licenses: 6 and 12 month licenses
Delivery: Secure Download or CD
Platforms: Windows 32-bit and 64-bit | Mac | Linux

For more information and pricing, please visit OnTheHub Network.


Students and faculty can find more information about learning PASW at their academic resource center site: http://www.spss.com/academic/.

Also, inside the PASW software, users can go to "Help" and then "Tutorial."

Users can also download the PDF format of their user manuals on their tech support website: http://www.spss.com/TechSupport/?source=homepage&hpzone=nav_bar.

Register if you do not have a login to our support site. Select "Prospective SPSS customer" in the type of contact column. Then fill out all of the contact information and you will receive an email for the login and password. Once you login, click on "statistics" under the Main Menu on your left hand side. Then select "documentation" under "statistics". Next, select "Client Documentation" and then scroll down, you will find a list of our user's guide.

For additional assistance with this software program, contact the iTeam at iteam@sandiego.edu or x7400.