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Security Myths Busted

Check out our video of the week! This week we focus on busting several common security myths.

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Is it safe to send my password over email?

No, it is never safe to send your password over email. You should not share your password with anybody.

Can I write my password down?

We understand that you have a lot of passwords to remember- we do, too! It is not a best practice, however, to write your password down on a sticky note or piece of paper as it could get into the wrong hands. There are many password managers online that you can use to keep track of your passwords. The password manager applications are encrypted and password protected so only you will have access to them. ITS does not officially support any password managers, but here are some common applications that you can look into.





True or False: Using lots of special characters and numbers in your password is more important than having a long password

False. Password security increases exponentially as it increases in side - longer is always better