Podcasting Recording Devices and Processes

Audio Video Narrate Convert
  • Audio: USD offers several different audio options including Barrarix InStreamers and portable devices
  • Video podcasts can be done several ways, but will involve some advanced planning. Click for more details
  • Narrate your Mac Keynote and MS PowerPoint presentations for podcasting. Click for more details
  • Convert files you have recorded in the past. Not sure of the format? Click for more details about converting them for podcasting. This includes converting your ppt files to Keynote for iTunes U and the Podcasting server.

NOTE: For the podcasting server and iTunes U all ...

Audio files must be recorded or converted to Mp3 format.

Video files must be recorded or converted to Mp4 format.

Text files must be created or converted to pdf format.

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Narrate
  • Convert
  • Podcasting File Types and Settings

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