Video Teleconferencing

Live Video Streaming and Web Teleconferencing

There are different options for live streaming and web conferencing at USD depending on your location, what you you want to display, and the recipients on the other end of the call. Please contact with related questions.

Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming means watching and event as it happens in real time such as public lectures of campus events.

  • Mediasite - This USD online video platform allows for live streaming of classroom lectures and presentations up to a certain amount of end viewers. There is a one mobile hardware unit available on campus that connects to the classroom computer and video camera.
    • Permanent Mediasite streaming installations exist in Serra 155, LRC 132, Coronado 134 and Beyster 106. The video gets streamed live through a link that will be sent to you. If you would like to see if we are available to do a live stream using Mediasite fill out a video production request form.
  • Ustream - A free online streaming platform where the video gets pushed out through mobile ITS video hardware. For $99 you can let the end users have an ad free experience. 

Web Teleconferencing

Web conferencing allows you to show your webcam, computer, or both simultaneously in a 1-on-1 environment of to multiple viewers.

  • Zoom - This is most popular and user friendly solution on campus. The software is similar to using Skype yet has an organized interface for meetings and you don't have to login to a personal skype account. The receiving participants can download the software upon joining the call or can download the software prior.
  • Adobe Connect is a web conferencing software hosted by Adobe allowing you to host meetings, deliver presentations, and conduct interactive class sessions from the comfort of your office or home. Adobe Connect can also archive record meetings for later viewing.
  • Blackboard Collaborate can host virtual classrooms, offices, and meeting spaces to offer more opportunities to improve your teaching and learning outcomes.
    • Available as a tool in every Blackboard course or orginization!
    • Share slides, applications (Excel, Word, ect), and webpages
    • Live office hours with video
    • Pre-recorded lectures (flipping the classroom concept)

If you decide to go with one of the three option above, it's important to make sure you have a webcam with sound or a webcam with a USB microphone. You will then select these to be your video/audio sources inside the software settings.

  • Video Teleconferencing:  A video teleconference enables two or more locations to communicate audio and video through a combination of software or hardware systems.
    • The University of San Diego offers 3 locations for video teleconferencing from one USD location to another or to locations off campus. You would use this option if the other side involved has an "I.P. based video teleconferencing system" on their end and they will more than likely ask you if there is one at USD.
    • Use the contact information or form provided below to schedule your event with the corresponding building operations center.

Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies - Seats up to 288 in the KIPJ theatre
Also available in the KIPJ Board Room 
KIPJ Operations - 260-7808

Mother Rosalie Hill Hall Building - Seats up to 188 in the SOLES Auditorium
Also available in classrooms 102, 127, 209 
MRH Operations - 260-6803

Maher Hall 186 - For usage of 1-4 people please fill out our Video Teleconferencing Form.
Instructional Media Services
IMS Operations- 260-7796