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Visiting faculty and distinguished scholars.Guest

Guest Wireless Free Wi-Fi Accounts

USD provides free guest wireless accounts to visiting faculty and distinguished scholars who are sponsored by a Vice President's area, college or department (you must request a promotional code for guest wireless).

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Conference attendees, vendors, private citizens visiting USDAlumni

Conference attendees, vendors, private citizens visiting USDGuest

Guest Wireless Wi-Fi Fee Accounts

USD provides guest wireless accounts to campus visitors,  conferences, vendors,  and private citizens. A credit card may be used to gain guest wireless access.

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VPN / eGate Virtual Private Network

eGate is the name of USD’s VPN server. Virtual Private Networking, or VPN, is a networking tool that allows off-campus users to have a private and secure connection to the USD network via the Internet from a single host. USD's VPN service allows USD users to connect to the campus from any available network connection almost anywhere including from home, from many hotels, and even from within some company networks. If you are a staff or faculty member who does work off campus, you mi...
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Students, Faculty, StaffStudent

Students, Faculty, StaffStaff

Students, Faculty, StaffFaculty

Wireless Wi-Fi Access (USD Secure)

Wireless access to the university's online resources is available across campus, including  academic and administrative buildings, dining facilities, residence halls, athletics facilities  and outdoor spaces.

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