Information Technology Services

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DARS (Uachieve)

Student Staff Faculty


Degree Audit and Advising Services

Available to

Student, Staff, Faculty Advisors, administrators


Creates a requirement list of academic courses and attributes which must be met for a student to be eligible to complete an outcome (degree or certificate). A student's academic data can be comparied to the requirements, and a report of completed and outstanding requirements is produced.


Must be currently registered as a student, advisor or authorized administrator

Data security restrictions

Access is restricted only to the student or the advisor of the student and administrators

How to use

Login is provided through the portal on the Academic Services and Teach/Advise tabs


Functional and Technical support is provided by the ERP Tech staff



Getting started

Documentation is available through online help in the applications and in supplemental documents on the S (shared) drive. There is additional training is available through ERP Technologies.

Area/Unit responsible