Information Technology Services

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Purchasing Guidelines

The ITS Department purchases software applications that are used by departments across campus, including public labs.  Budget restrictions limit what software can be purchased.  Therefore, software which is to be used for an individual computer or for a professor’s class must be accompanied by a signature from your department head or budget manager.

Requests for software should be pre-approved by your budget manager or Dean, or for a non-academic department, the head of the department.  Pass along any price or discount quotes you may have obtained and include a memo entitled “Software Request” which states the following:

  • Number of software copies needed
  • Where the software will be installed (include specific office locations and labs)
  • Course names which will utilize the software (if applicable)
  • Number of students in each class, if the software is for student use

Based on this, the Dean or head of the department will see if there are enough funds to cover the purchase.  Then the Dean or department head will submit the information via the Software Request Form so as to ensure that ITS is not only aware of the impending purchase, but that we can provide any necessary support.

If a school or department would like ITS to research a type of software or consider purchasing a new type of software for broader campus use, requests can be made with the Software Committee.  The Software Committee will not research software for minimal use; it must be either for campus use, or multiple departments.