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What is Malware?

Malware, short for "malicious software," includes viruses and spyware to steal personal information, send spam, and commit fraud. Criminals create appealing websites, desirable downloads, and compelling stories to lure you to links that will download malware – especially on computers that don't use adequate security software.
Source (OnGuard Online)

What should I know?

Your computer may be infected with malware if it:

  • Slows down, malfunctions, or displays repeated error messages;
  • won't shut down or restart;
  • serves up a lot of pop-up ads, or displays them when you're not surfing the web;
  • and/or displays web pages or programs you didn't intend to use, or sends e-mails you didn't write.
Source (OnGuard Online)

What can I do?

Hunt down hidden malware using HijackThis: Video Tutorial