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Compromised Account Resources

What is a Compromised Account?

A user’s account becomes compromised when the password to the user’s email account is obtained by a malicious party. Compromised Accounts often lead to massive amounts of email spam from the user’s account, and if this spam is being sent by USD email accounts, it will lead to other websites and organizations temporarily or permanently blocking all email from USD accounts. Because of this potential blacklisting, USD takes our compromised accounts very seriously.

Why was I compromised?

Compromised Accounts occur for a variety of reasons. The details of these reasons are explained in the Cyber Security Presentation, but the two most common causes of Compromised Accounts are brute-force hacking and Phishing scams.

What do I do about my Compromised Account?

In order to reactivate your compromised account, Information Technology Services requires that all users complete a series of steps to help educate and defend against compromised accounts in the future. These steps are:

  1. Users will need to download and read the Cyber Security Presentation, which will provide information on how compromised accounts occur, what dangers exist in the realm of cybersecurity, and how to protect oneself against these dangers.
  2. Users will need to take the Cyber Security Quiz, which highlights the same information provided in the Cyber Security Presentation. Once the quiz has been passed, users must take a screen shot of the final score and email it to the ITS Help Desk (
  3. Users will need to sign and return the Responsible Use Policy via email. Once these steps have been completed and the materials have been returned to the ITS Help Desk, users can contact the ITS Help Desk to have their account reactivated.


Phishing Awareness Video