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AudioThere are several options for audio recording here at USD, be it for recording your lectures, interviews with expert guest speakers or other needs. USD supports several pieces of equipment for audio recording. 

Audio Recording Options

SonyThe Sony ICD-UX 80 and the Olympus ME 15 portable microphone are recommended for both lecture and general non-lecture recording. These are to be purchased, or you can borrow one for IMS for two weeks to try it out.

Want to try-out a Sony?

Contact:   IMS Circulation Desk | 619.260.4567 | pdf Icon Sony ICD-UX 80 Manual

The Zoom H2 dual microphone, surround-sound recorder is ideal for solo recording, Zoomrecording interviews with 2 or more people, telephone conversations, music or other audio.

Want to Sign-Out a Zoom?

Contact:   IMS Circulation Desk | 619.260.4567

Head PhonesMac KeyNote: Would you like to capture a presentation using your Mac computer and Keynote? You can narrate your presentations and export them as mp4, even optimized for iPod.

Don't have Keynote? Request the software from your department. You can also convert MS PowerPoint presentations to Keynote. Visit our Convert Section.

  Visit Keynote On-Line Help

If you are in one of the USD Barix inStreamer equipped rooms, you can use the (Mac only) Castaway application room the teacher’s computer to record the audio of your lecture in Mp3 file format.

CastAway Application Image

Software Download the CastAway application for Mac

pdf Icon  Download the pdf of the CastAway User’s Guide.pdf

Rooms with Barix Instreamer and Microphones:

Serra 155,
MRH (SOLES) Rooms: 102, 116, 127, 131, 133, 135, 145, 201, 211, 214, 216