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Video Content Management - Ensemble

Streaming Server IconUSD has transitioned from our streaming server to our self-hosted Ensemble Video Platform. This will give staff and faculty the ability to mange content easier, organize videos into playlists, publish content protected video inside Blackboard, and deliver secure video content to all computer browsers and mobile devices. Ensemble Video is a single repository for all campus media where staff and faculty have the optionto share video content with other staff and faculty user accounts for certain time periods such as a semester duration.

Publishing video content to the old USD Streaming Server will be unavailable as of summer 2014. To apply for an account, please contact

Before getting an Ensemble video account, click here to understand the platform, watch the training video, and to see you can have your account created.

After you have watched the training video and your account has been created, click here to login and bookmark this page for future reference.

If you manage video for several staff, faculty, or students please contact Raymond Cai at to be setup with an advanced user account so you can manage videos for multiple users. 

Software  USD Ensemble Video Server

Software  USD Streaming Video Server