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Blackboard in of itself is not a podcasting publishing tool. However, you can certainly place a link in a course for podcasts, streaming server files, or to files you have uploaded directly into Blackboard.

1. Linking to a Podcast

You can place a link either in the Course Tools Menu or on a course page, that links to a single podcast or a feed of podcasts that you have uploaded to the Podcasting Server (or elsewhere).

Once you have linked your feed or a single podcast to the server, students have the option of the following:

    - 'Subscribe' to the feed in iTunes and download the files to their computers or other device

    - View/listen to the podcasts through immediately as a streamed file through Blackboard

2. Embedding Your Video

You can also upload a file to the Ensemble Video Server and then securely embed the video into your Blackboard course. Note that students cannot save the file to their computers or portable devices. A streamed file is for viewing only.

Another option used by faculty is to publish video coursework to YouTube as an "unlisted" video. After uploading your video, you will have the option to choose this method that only allows viewers that have access to the link to watch the video. The video will not be shown publicly on your YouTube channel.

2. Uploading the file directly to Blackboard

It is highly recommended that only upload small video/audio files get uploaded to Blackboard because of the 2 gig course limit. Click here for a guide on how to compress down large files for the web.

You can upload the file to the file manager in your course then place the file link on a page. Students can watch/listen directly in your course (a single click on the file will stream the content) or 'right-click' on the file and save it to their computers.

It is not safe to assume students will know this. It is prudent to place these instructions in the Description area of the link.