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What is Digital Signage?FWi-Logo

Digital Signage is an electronic display of information on a screen. After a long assessment of several digital signs, we are pleased to adopt one of the best digital signs, the FourWinds Interactive for USD.

FourWinds Interactive has powerful features we can communicate information to the community around us such as the events, wayfinding, maps, stock ticker, public safety, HR or wellness and sport and more.

If you currently have one of the digital signs previously installed at USD, you need to know that we have decommissioned the old Cisco digital signs and we have sent you emails regarding this transition. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and switch from Cisco signs to FourWinds Interactive.

Benefits of Digital Signage:signage at USD

• Campus Directory

• Campus Map (for static digital signs)

• WayFinder Campus Map (for interactive digital signs)

• Campus events

• Dining facilities

• Emergency Messaging

• All Headline News (Sports, NASDAQ or any appropriate station)

The technology allows individual colleges and departments to run their own messages. At the same time, the University at large is able to send a single message throughout the campus as needed.

Why the change?

After over seven years of Cisco Digital Signage at USD, Cisco has decided not to continue with further development, upgrades or support of their digital sign division.  This required us to consider, assess and test other products and services.

Why we have decided to switch the signage technology at USD?

  1. Cisco signs installed on campus are being decommissioned by Cisco. 
  2. There are no further support provided by Cisco
  3. The media players have reached end of life in many of our installations across the campus.

After several months of detailed evaluation and pilots, we are pleased to announce that we are chosen FourWinds Interactive as our official digital sign solution at USD.

We are pleased to let you know that after extensive evaluation of several leading digital signs, we are offering you one of the best digital sign solutions at USD. The FWi system is easy to use, highly scalable and quite dynamic in range of use and customization.

We have installed a demonstration device at our IMS Circulation Desk area in Maher 186. Please stop by to to check it out!

How Does it Impact You?

If you currently have an old Cisco Digital Sign, you have 3 options:

1. Be proactive and request to replace them with the new FourWinds Interactive signage.

2. Make the request in the upcoming equipment request or plan to spread it out in the next few years in your department’s budget

3.  Choose to wait until your Cisco signs break and then decide at that point (not an ideal scenario!)

If you are a new user and would like to obtain more information, click on this link (after Steve makes the form)

How Do I Get More Information?

Information Technology Services, Media Services unit is managing the FourWinds Interactive signs at the university. Just drop us an email and we'll be happy to assist by sending an email to:

Licensing and Cost

Information Technology MediaServices unit manages the backend of the digital signage and the server at USD. We can provide you with requirements, cost for installation, software, hardware and limited support.

While the Media Services team will provide limited support, consultation and the overall management of the digital signage at USD, the individual departments are responsible for their own management of files, signs and upkeep of the information.

Additional training and support is provided directly from the FourWinds Interactive. Please contact us for a quote. We work closely with our providers and we consolidate licenses to bring you the best pricing.

Please check out contact us if you are interested in exploring the possibility of deploying digital signs powered by Four Winds Interactive in your area.

You will find information regarding costs for department planning and budgetary purpose below.

Our team is available to help answer questions or to meet you in person to discuss any concerns that will help us all with this successful transition.  


Links to external support/instructions :

Links and Contacts

Four Winds Interactive (FWi)

• Four Winds Wiki (need to find this link and update it)

• Four Winds Support email (

• Four Winds Support phone 877-204-6679 or 720-529-5000

• Digital Signage team at USD:

To report a problem or to ask for help, call the helpdesk at x7900 or by sending an email to


 Estimates for your budgetary purpose:

We hope the information below will supply you with some basic information with your current digital sign or a new installation. Prices below are merely our best estimate for your reference and it is not a final quote.

Replacements and upgrades to FourWinds Interactive:

1. Software/hardware per unit cost – (digital player cost + software license per unit) >> $ 3600

2. Annual License Per unit per year >> $320/per year

Brand new Installations (Player + license + hardware + installations):

1. Digital players and Software per unit >> $3600 + $320 annual maintenance/license

2. Hardware—Monitor (based on 46” display + mount/supplies/labor) >> $1500 (this is only an estimate)

NOTE:  This does not include associated cost of Power/electrical or networking in new locations. This will require a walk through with the facilities management and the networking team and the media technicians to assess the exact location.  But, for the most part this will not be a huge cost.

To make a request for a new digital signage installation or to request the conversion of existing signage, please click on the following link: We need to talk with you in person so that we can provide you with a more accurate assessment and pricing.