Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Students

Student Technology Assistants (STAs)

The Student Technology Assistant Program is designed to help faculty members enhance or increase their use of technology in their instruction and classroom. Students are paired with faculty members based on knowledge and skills and project requirements. Student Technology Assistants, under the guidance of experienced Information Technology Services employees, provide consulting, support and service to a faculty member who has been approved to proceed with a technology based project over the course of one semester.

Information Technology Services (ITS) is pleased to once again be offering the Student Technology Assistant Program (STA) for Fall 2009. The success of this program has received much attention and the projects generated have been phenomenal. This program is funded by the office of the Provost in collaboration with ITS to offer faculty members assistance in the use of educational technology in the curriculum. Academic Technology Services will work with you to identify projects as well as find qualified students savvy in the use of technology. In addition to our hope that you will propose a project for this program, we are looking for your recommendations for students qualified to apply for the program. Each STA will be paired up with a faculty member for the duration of one semester at 12 hours per week to increase the use of multimedia or web technology in the classroom.

This program is intended not only to enhance teaching and learning experiences for all but to broaden the technical knowledge and increase the organizational and managerial skills of the STAs.

  • Who are the Student Technology Assistants (STAs)?
  • What do STAs do?
  • What are the benefits to the student?
  • What are the responsibilities of a Student Technology Assistant?
  • What are the requirements to become a Student Technology Assistant?
  • What types of projects will Student Technology Assistants work on?
  • How will projects be managed?
  • How will STA Program successes be measured?
  • What happens once a student submits an application to be a Student Technology Assistant?

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