iPad Project

What is the iPad Project?

The iPad Project investigates the pedagogical benefits of the iPad and mobile technology in instruction and student research. In the first phase iPad Faculty participants explore and discover new apps, and adapt curriculum in preparation for the second phase, the iPad Classroom Project. Complex projects may also allow qualify you for a Student Technology Assistant (STA) for the semester.

Video: Fall '13 Faculty Participants Discuss their iPad Project Experiences

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Deadline for Spring '17 Proposals:
December 9, 2016

Student Requirements

  • Agree to complete two iPad pilot-related surveys from ITS understand that some information will be made public as research, i.e. summary of proposal, some study results and deliverables, etc.
  • Borrow, and return equipment in original condition (excluding ordinary wear and tear)
  • Provide feedback in general meeting, lessons learned and greatest benefits

How the Program Works

Faculty Pilot

Faculty Pilot

Up to 3-months exploration period during which time the faculty member will check out an iPad and investigate the possibilities of integrating mobile device apps into their curriculum. The goal of this first phase is to prepare to construct a sound proposal for the next semester.

iPad Step 2

Classroom Project

Classroom investigate phase explores how mobile technologies can enhance the depth and breadth of teaching and learning, explore new approaches in teaching, both in and out of the classroom. Selected faculty will explore a specific topic area or pedagogical use of mobile devices in higher education. The iPad holds tremendous potential in changing how both faculty and students think about teaching and learning. Selected faculty and all of the students in the class will be provided with an iPad for the duration of the semester.

iPAd Optional STA

Student Technology Assistant (STA)

STA's are dedicated to aid in the administration and implementation of the project as well as to assist in data collection, documentation of the project findings, and research of appropriate and specific apps to enhance curriculum.

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