Information Technology Services

Drop Shadow

Non-Academic Pricing

The overall inventory includes data/video projectors; minidv video camcorders, compactportable sound amplification systems, laser disk players, cassette recorders, digital audio recorders, CD players, laptop computers, digital still cameras, slide and overhead projectors and other items.  

AC Ext. Cord 25ft $3.00 D
AC Power Strip $3.00 D
Cable Video Editing $5.00 D
Cable Mic to Camera $5.00 D
Cable Microphone $7.00 D
Cables Misc. (RCA, Mini etc) $5.00 D
Cable RCA - RCA '300 Spool $5.00 D
Cables VGA (6ft-25ft-100ft) $10.00 D
Camera Document $20.00 D
Camera Mini DV $20.00 D
Camera Digital Still $15.00 D
Camera 35mm $15.00 D
Cart (Hi or Lo) $3.00 D
Cassette Deck Dual $20.00 D
Cassette Recorder-Handheld $5.00 D
Cassette Recorder-Table $5.00 D
Cassette Transcriber $25.00 D
CD Player-Deck $25.00 D
CD Player/Cassette Boom box $15.00 D
Computer Laptop-MAC ibook $100.00 D
Computer Laptop-PC $100.00 D
Connectors Audio $1.00 D
Digital Audio Recorder $25.00 D
DVD Player $25.00 D
DVD/VHS Combo Deck $25.00 D
DVD/VHS Combo w/ Cart $30.00 D
Easel $20.00 D
Easel (w/ pad) $25.00 D
Headphones $5.00 D
Microphone Handheld $10.00 D
Microphone Lavalier - Wired $10.00 D
Microphone Lavalier Wireless (for Mini DV Cam) $10.00 D
Microphone PZM $15.00 D
Microphone Shotgun $15.00 D
Microphone Stand - Floor $10.00 D
Microphone Stand - Table $7.00 D
Microphone USB for computer $5.00 D
Projector Data Carryout $50.00 D
Projector Data Systems $50.00 D
Projector 16mm Film $25.00 D
Projector 8mm Film $20.00 D
Projector Opaque $25.00 D
Projector Overhead $25.00 D
Projector Screen Portable 6foot $30.00 D
Projector Screen Portable 9foot $40.00 D
Projector Stand Portable $10.00 D
Public Address Speaker-Powered Anchor w/ stand $15.00 D
Public Address Speaker $75.00 D
Public Address Speaker Podium $50.00 D
Public Address-Personal Speaker System $15.00 D
Record Player Portable $20.00 D
Slide Projector Kit (projector, tray, remote, sp bulb- boxed) $35.00 D
Slide Control Remote Extension $2.50 D
Slide Projector Dissolve Unit $25.00 D
Slide Projector Tray  
Slide Projector Wireless Remote Control $25.00 D
Slide Viewer w/ Tray $5.00 D
Television Monitor - LCD "42 or "52 $25.00 D
TV – 19” to 32” on cart $10.00 D
Tripod - video or still w/ mount $15.00 D
VCR/VHS Deck $25.00 D
Video Laser Disk Player $50.00 D
USB Floppy or Zip Drive $25.00 D
USB Mouse/Laser Pointer $15.00 D