Podcasting is a way to deliver educational or promotional content as audio, video or text (pdf) to computers and portable devices. You must have Apple iTunes and Apple QuickTime installed on your computer to see iTunes University which can be downloaded free below.

A podcast is a series of digital media files, usually audio or video, that is downloadable via RSS feed (really simple syndication). The RSS delivery is what differentiates podcasts from direct file download or streaming. Software applications, known as 'pod catchers' (such as Apple iTunes), can automatically download new files when they are made available. 

Still a bit confusing? Visit Podcasting Terminology and FAQ sections.

Podcasting Server

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The podcasting server is our ‘in-house’ location for publishing podcasts.  The professor is in full control of what s/he uploads and when and can choose to publish the link to a single file, his or her/entire library or a ‘channel’ which could be just one topic or a course.  You may then take these links and place them on your own web site, email them to students or create a web link within a Blackboard course.

You can create a link to all of your podcasts onto a web page or Blackboard course.

You can create a link to a single podcast onto a web page or Blackboard course.


*You can create a 'Channel' for each of the courses you are teaching a create a link to those in specific web sites or Blackboard Courses.

To get an account, email Steve Maier at smaier@sandiego.edu.

pdf icon  Download the Podcasting Server Guide 

soft app logo  Go to the Podcasting Server

Audio icon. USD offers several different audio options including Barrarix InStreamers and portable devices
Video icon. Video podcasts can be done several ways, but will involve some advanced planning.
Narrate icon. Narrate your Mac Keynote and MS PowerPoint presentations for podcasting.
Convert icon. Convert files you have recorded in the past. Not sure of the format? Click for more details about converting them for podcasting. This includes converting your ppt files to Keynote for iTunes U and the Podcasting server.

NOTE: For the podcasting server and iTunes U all ...

Audio files must be recorded or converted to Mp3 format.

Video files must be recorded or converted to Mp4 format.

Text files must be created or converted to pdf format.