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Informational: What TV Channels Do Residents Receive?

8.1 KFMB- 8 (CBS) 8.2 ME TV 10.1 KGTV – 10 (ABC) 10.15 KZSD (Azteca) 15.11 KPBS HD 39.1 KNSD – (NBC) 39.2 COZI TV 51.1 KUSI 69.1 KSWB (Fox 5) 69.2 Antenna 69.3 This TV   75 USD TV 67 MTVu 91.5 This San Diego

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FAQ: Does USD have HD (high definition) Cable on Campus?

USD receives 13 channels off air in HD quality.  These channels are local channels (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, etc.). To receive these channels, your TV must support ATSC/QAM. Almost all HD TVs do support this, but some need a digital to analog conver

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