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App Xtender Temp Cleaner

If user is having issues with App Xtender and receiving an error message stating " Exceeded number of files. No other files can be opened or printed until files are closed." You will need to delete the temp files.


 To do this:


1 Ask if you may remote in to the user's computer.


2 Once you remote in to the user's computer open " \\magi ".


3 Open the " helpdesk" folder.


4 Open the folder named "Scott".


5 Open the "Cleanup Tool" folder.


6 Drag and drop "Temp Cleaner (run as admin)" on the user's desktop.


7 Right click on the Temp Cleaner and select "Run as Administrator".


8 A black box will appear with a message followed by "press any key to continue". Select the box and press any key.


9 The program will run and prompt you to press any key. Press a key and the box will automatically close.




This should solve the problem, if it does not then try this:




1 optional: have the user log out to ensure that the temp files are more thoroughly deleted


2 From your computer access the windows directory and delete contents of "/windows/temp"


3 run tool: \\magi\helpdesk\ccleaner (32 or 64 bit)




If neither of these solutions work then further troubleshooting is required.