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Telephone Services for Faculty and Staff

The standard offering for new phone service is offered through USD Telecommunications via Avaya telephone technology. Avaya technology offers a variety of advanced features. Various types of Avaya phone sets are avaialble depending on the requirements of the position you are in.

Available to

Staff, Faculty Faculty, staff


Features vary depending upon phone set. (Single Line Phones and Digital Line Phones): Check out the link:


Benefits-based employees of the university.

Data security restrictions

While telephone traffic is not subject to the data classifications as defined by ITS, the telephone sets and infrastructure are part of the University policy on Responsible Use of University Computing Resources:

How to use

Phones plug into a telephone port instead of a data port (used for computers). Most common phone features are described at the following the link:


For support, submit a request to or call the University of San Diego Telecommuncations Office at: 619-260-7500 during business hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. During non-business hours you may contact the help desk at 619-260-7900 to submit a request. Additional information and support is located at:


Phone service rates are set to cover the costs of telephone infrastructure costs and usage fees for the University. Billing is applied to departments and not to the individuals.

Getting started

Request for phone service may be made to USD Telecommunications at
619-260-7500 or via email at

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