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Cable TV

Information Technology Services provides cable television services through Cox Business Services.  The service offers entertainment, sports, news, cultural programming, and educational channels.

Available to

Student, Staff, Faculty Campus residents, academic and administrative departments.


The channel lineup contains 77 channels:


Television with USD CATV outlet.

How to use

Connect the television to CATV wall outlet with CATV coaxial cable, power on TV and check to see if channels 2 through 13 are available. If the lower channels (2 to 13) are available, then the TV must be programmed from the TV set. With the TV remote, go to the MAIN MENU on the TV screen; select the option to change TV input settings from antenna to cable, then select auto programming to bring in all the channels.


Support for cable television service is provided through Cox Business Services. Reports on service issues may be made to the Telecommunications unit at (619) 260-7900 or to


USD Residential Life facilities do not incur a specific fee for cable television. The cost of cable television is imbedded within the USD Housing and Residential Life room rates.

Getting started

To seek assistance in connecting your television to USD cable television, please call (619) 260-7900.

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